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Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Weight Loss Transformation

Updated On 05 Mar, 2023 Published On 14 Nov, 2019
Sister Wives Star Janelle Brown Weight Loss Transformation

Everything you need to know about the healthy secrets to Janelle Brown that keep the reality star healthy and happy.

Who is Janelle Brown?

To all the TLC subscribers, Janelle Brown is no new name, to even begin with. The reality tv star is best known for her appearance as one of the fourth wives of Kody Brown, the only man of the Sister Wives' group. To be precise, she is the second wife of Kody (whom she married in 1993) alongside his other wives including Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown.

For all the newbies here with their jaw dropped on the floor, let us assure you that the family with eighteen children in total, is absolutely okay with polygamy. And, as for Janelle, she is the birth giver of Kody's six children; Madison Brown, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, Logan Brown, Hunter Brown and Savanah Brown.

Janelle Brown is known as one of the Sister Wives which airs on TLC. SOURCE: Janelle Brown Instagram

To the outsiders, it's certain that they surely can't stop but wonder if there's ever any competition among the ladies to get the attention of the only special man in their life. However, that's not the case, as Kody likes his women curvy.

But as a mum of six who thinks all eighteen are hers, Janelle is still about living a healthy life and being concerned about her physique. And, this was something she realized that she needed to step up her lifestyle eight years ago.

Janelle Made A Lifestyle Change

Mrs. Brown embarked on the journey to lead a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating choices when she was 42. On her blog; Strive With Janelle, the tv personality shares how she needed to make an improvement with her life both physically and mentally.

Brown shared how she struggled to even perform simple physical tasks like getting up from the couch and that she had to use her hands to pull herself off.

Janelle Brown started eating healthy to lead a healthy lifestyle. SOURCE: Loans Ranker

And, as a health coach herself who earned a certificate from IIN-Health Coach, one of the largest nutrition institutes in the world, she knew she needed to focus on the whole part rather than just one concept of living a healthy lifestyle.

In consideration of that, Janelle took the first step by making choices with the food she fed her body. Also, since then, Janelle has been updating about her wellness journey on social media inclusively on Instagram.

Growing Your Own Food Is The Key

With the look of her Instagram, Janelle is mostly about eating green or plant-based food that doesn't only look healthy but yummy too. Matter of fact, she grows her own vegetables and fruits on her own garden. Some of her favorite stuff she planted includes strawberry, pepper, alfalfa, tomatoes, basil, and other green veggies.

Janelle Brown grows her own food. SOURCE: Janelle Brown Instagram

Besides, one of the main suggestions Brown likes to give her fans is that we should try to minimize eating outside and support eating home-cooked food, especially colorful salad of mixed fruits and vegetables. Janelle, who's a big fan of Thai cuisine even learned to make them at home to avoid eating outside.

That doesn't however, mean that Janelle deprives herself of eating her fav indulgence like cake, or her most favorite cuisine. The tv celebrity is clever and knows how to take the balance of her diet.

So, that's it, folks, the secret to Janelle Brown's great lifestyle is healthy diets and food cooked and grown at home.

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