Home Article Jeremy Wade, 60, Has Not Been Married Yet: Also Does Not Have A Girlfriend And Is Not Dating Anyone: Rumored To Be A Gay

Jeremy Wade, 60, Has Not Been Married Yet: Also Does Not Have A Girlfriend And Is Not Dating Anyone: Rumored To Be A Gay

Updated On 19 Jan, 2019 Published On 01 Mar, 2017
Jeremy Wade, 60, Has Not Been Married Yet: Also Does Not Have A Girlfriend And Is Not Dating Anyone: Rumored To Be A Gay

When he throws his fishing rod into the river there is a big chance that the fish will be caught by the one and only Jeremy Wade. The legendary angler is one of the most renowned faces in the world of fishing.

Though he has caught one of the dangerous fishes all around the globe but has he able to catch a female companion for himself or his angling skill is not that great in that aspect.

Well, without further ado let us find out more about his personal life!!!

Relationship Status of Jeremy Wade       

The 60-years-old presenter has never revealed anything about his personal life. If you ask him about his professional life, he would happily talk all about it.

The British TV presenter, Jeremy Wade//////////////

It seems that he does not want to talk about his personal life to anyone and that may also be the reason that many big news reporters while interviewing him do not ask that person questions that too often.

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Although there are many people who are speculating that he is secretly married and a has a secret wife, but it turned out to be a hoax. As of now, he is unmarried and living with his pets.

He is probably living with some the fished that he has caught in one of his adventures, you never know! He seems to be in a relationship with his fishes. 

Single for a long time-Rumored to be a Gay

We have all heard it and we all are now fed-up from the opinion that people are giving on great actors like Jeremy on their sexual orientation.

He has never revealed anything about his personal life and that does not mean that he is gay.

Maybe he just wants to be this way for his whole life and just wants to focus on his ambition for finding rare species. His findings have even surprised even the biggest of the scientist of the whole world.

His net worth is around 1.5 million dollars and this guy is not stopping anytime sooner. Well, let us debunk this theory and get this thing straight that Jeremy is not gay.

Know More about Jeremy Wade's Personal Life

He likes to play things pretty close to his chest and he has never said anything regarding his personal life.

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All we know is that he was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom and he did his graduation from Bristol University and the University of Kent. 

From an early age Jeremy had an interest in fishing and at the age of 16, he joined the group of British Carp Study Group.

He has gone to many places in the world searching for one many exotic fishes.

Wonderful Professional Career

Though he has been secretive about his personal life his professional life is like an open book to all of us.

His most notable would be working as the anchor for the TV series River Monsters which aired the first season in 2009. 


The show garnered 1.6 million viewers in its first premier and the reason speaks for itself. Jeremy's anchoring was spot on.

We have all heard the saying that if we find our passion then the work is not a burden anymore.

The same thing happened to Jeremy, although he is anchoring the show it intrigues his wildest imagination and he gets to see all the new flora and fauna, one thing that he has dreamed of doing since his childhood. 

When he was a child he used to fish in the nearest pond and this is how he interest in fishing started. 

Journey Started from a small place

He started his ambition of fishing and went on a journey to India's mountain river. After catching many exotic fishes he decided to make this as his ambition.

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He is one of the greatest anglers around and his knack of catching big fishes always helps him in discovering different and rare species.


While in India he discovered a very big fish named Mahseer, and a gigantic catfish that weighed around 160 pounds.

But he was not always lucky catching fishes as one fish really make him run for literally half of his life.


It was a Goliath Tigerfish of the Republic of Congo. He heard about it in the late 1970s and discovered it in 1991.

He was very happy after the discovery of that Gigantic fish and the reason for his happiness would be that he discovered it after 25 years.

He also discovered Arapaima during his third expedition to the Amazon.

In an interview, when he was asked about the fishes that have eluded him he said that the Tigerfish and Arapaima were the ones that had eluded him but at last, he found them.

He is currently working on the show The River Monster and the show is currently on the ninth season. The work that he has done has contributed the society by finding very rare species.

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