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Susan Attenborough - Mysterious Daughter Of David Attenborough

Updated On 12 Oct, 2020 Published On 12 Oct, 2020
Susan Attenborough - Mysterious Daughter Of David Attenborough

Susan Attenborough is the daughter of the UK's beloved historian and media personality, David Attenborough. Despite being born into the family of the famous and rich celebrity worldwide, much is not known about Susan. But, here, you can learn about Susan in a brief manner.

Susan Attenborough - Only Daughter Of David Attenborough & Jane Oriel

Indeed, despite her professional gain and growth, Susan Attenborough will highly be recognized as the child of Sir David Attenborough and his late beloved wife, Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel. And, for belonging to a famous family in the showbiz world, Susan had the attention of the media since she was a child.

Susan Attenborough's parents, David Attenborough and Jane Oriel in 1950. SOURCE: Pinterest

In 2020, Susan Attenborough is in her fifties, but the exact date of birth is a mystery. As for her parents, David turned 94 in 2020 while her mother would have turned 95. Madam Jane left Susan and her family in 1997 when she was just 70.

Apparently, Susan's mother became diagnosed with a dangerous illness called brain haemorrhage that severely harms the brains by causing bleeding with other symptoms of headaches, seizures and numbness. Matter of fact, when Susan's mother was in her final days of life, she had already gone to coma.

In addition to the tragic story of the Attenborough family, Susan's father was in New Zealand filming for The Life of Birds, a wildlife documentary. Luckily, as soon as the family informed David about the condition of his wife, he immediately flew back to the UK and made it on time to say the final goodbye to his wife.

Susan Attenborough's Children & Husband

Susan Attenborough's parents, David Attenborough and Jane Oriel spent forty-seven beautiful years of their married life together. Well, the father and mother of Susan tied the knot in 1950 in a Christian ceremony and succeded to fulfil their marital vows till death tore them apart.

Susan Attenborough with her father David Attenborough. SOURCE: Celeb Pie

But, what about Susan? Well, Susan understands the risk of having one's personal life matter known to the public. In fact, she isn't fond of sharing much about her private matter to the public either. Thus, husband and children information of Susan Attenborough is rarely known to the media.

Whatsoever, it's obvious that David loves his grandchildren very much. And, other than that, Susan is also often spotted and photographed in public places with her father.

Who Is Susan Attenborough's Brother?

Meanwhile, Susan Attenborough is the only daughter of her parents, but definitely not the only child of David Attenborough and Jane Oriel. Speaking of which, Susan has a brother named Robert Attenborough, who is also in his fifties.

Seemingly, both Susan and her brother had a large impact of their father and his work. Thus, they both followed the footsteps of their father in a similar manner. Of course, they didn't become a broadcaster, but the inspiration of their father is pretty much evident in their work.

Susan Attenborough with her brother Robert and father David Attenborough. SOURCE: Pinterest

Well, Susan has worked as a teacher and a headmistress for a primary school, while her brother is a bioanthropology lecturer at the Australian National University (ANU). Susan's brother also lives a lowkey lifestyle.

On the other hand, Susan's father confessed his regrets for not having spent much of his time with his children during their childhood. And funnily, the absence of her father during their upbringing became a family joke.

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