Home Article Life's Good For Tad Starsiak of Good Bones; Positive Vibes & New Business Ventures, Girlfriend too?

Life's Good For Tad Starsiak of Good Bones; Positive Vibes & New Business Ventures, Girlfriend too?

Updated On 24 May, 2023 Published On 10 Sep, 2020
Life's Good For Tad Starsiak of Good Bones; Positive Vibes & New Business Ventures, Girlfriend too?

Everyone is going to have a happy ending, and if it's not happy, then it is not the end. This is something Tad Starsiak can relate to.

Dark Past of Tad Starsiak from Two Chicks and a Hammer

When one looks at Tad Starsiak today, he or she will definitely see the happy and successful Tad Starsiak. But, not many are aware of the hardship behind his success and the bad days he had to go through before.

The handsome Tad Starsiak. SOURCE: Instagram

Once upon a time, Starsiak was young and hopeless. He felt so lost and thought he had no meaning in his life. Once a divorcee who had to go through a failed marriage, he also battled drug abuse in his youth. But, one of the hardest things he had to face was the death of his mother and other beloved family members.

To find solace and help, Tad Starsiak found a Hindu retreat center operated by Brahmacharis monks and nuns in Colorado. It was definitely not an easy process, but Starsiak began to love life again and found his purpose.

Tad Starsiak along with his mother, Karen E. Laine. SOURCE: Instagram

Needless to say, he didn't give up and strived for the better. No wonder, he is one of the most successful TV program runners today. Speaking of which, he works as an assistant manager on Two Chicks and a Hammer along with his half-sister, Mina Starsiak, and her husband, Steve Hawk.

Basically, Tad and Mina share the same biological father but a different mother. The two, however, are very close.  In addition, Starsiak also has another sister named Kaleigh Murrell

Tad Starsiak - Dated Ex-girlfriend Christina Eslinger

Job and his current whereabouts were not the only happy things Tad Starsiak counted as his blessing but also his former girlfriend. Tad Starsiak was in a romantic and live-in relationship with his partner, Christina Eslinger.

Tad Starsiak and his gorgeous girlfriend, Christina Eslinger. SOURCE: Tad Starsiak Instagram

Starsiak and Christina whom he met through mutual friends often showed off each other on social media to share how thankful they were to have each other in their lives. Eslinger even thanked Starsiak for being her rock, comedian, and supporter, not just a lover.

Starsiak, however, never stepped up and popped the life-changing question, though. But, if it was meant to be, it would have happened sooner or later when they were both ready. Unfortunately, it seems like Tad and Christina were not meant to be forever/

Well, as of January 2022, Starsiak has deleted all of his pictures with Christina from his Instagram which definitely indicates that he might have broken up with his ex-girlfriend. Besides, Tad also no longer follows Christina from the photo-sharing platforms. Other than that, Tad didn't confirm the breakup with his followers. The two also co-parented three adorable dogs they regarded as their children.

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