Home Article South Beach Classics' star Couple Ted Vernon and wife Robin Vernon Facing Trouble In Their Marriage: As per rumors, Robin has left the show: Fans are shocked

South Beach Classics' star Couple Ted Vernon and wife Robin Vernon Facing Trouble In Their Marriage: As per rumors, Robin has left the show: Fans are shocked

Updated On 31 Mar, 2019 Published On 06 Jul, 2017
South Beach Classics' star Couple Ted Vernon and wife Robin Vernon Facing Trouble In Their Marriage: As per rumors, Robin has left the show: Fans are shocked

We all know Ted Vernon and Robin Vernon from the popular show South Beach Classics (SBC). They were one of the most powerful couples around and their partnership together was very much appreciated.    

The show aired its third season in 2017, and the show gained much popularity until Robin stopped appearing on the show. All of their fans of the show left to wonder what must have happened behind the scenes. Did they split?

Well, Marriedwiki has come across news that will shock all of you!! 

Robin Vernon, Ted Vernon's Wife Will Not Appear On SBC, Which Left All Of Us In Dark!

The sudden disappearance of Robin from the show has left all the fan in rage and curiosity. They just cannot stop wondering about why Robin stopped appearing in the show South Beach Classics?

The reason behind all this mess is that Ted and Robin were rumored to be involved in some kind of verbal and physical backlash.


Ted Vernon with Robin Vernon

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According to a customer who went to their workplace to buy his daughter a Volkswagen beetle on her 20th birthday, Ted and Robin were not paying attention to their work.

Though Ted was involved in the conversation, he was not giving a straight answer about how much will the car cost and all that things.

Ted called the customer after 2 days and when the customer came it was all the same story but this time it was very intense as the couple was fighting with verbal and physical abuse. 

Ted Vernon with wife Robin Vernon: The couple is expected to be divorced soon
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According to the client, Robin was shouting on top of her lungs and was saying that she does not care if Ted is dead or alive. Ted then rushed towards her and started to choke her. It took two men to separate them and the incident was very chaotic.

After researching on many websites we came across more information about this incident and it proved that something is going on between the couple. It seems that they are heading towards a divorce.

Although, many of Ted's fans in the social networking sites are saying that Robin was cheating on Ted but she has said that it is just slander on her name.

And Robin's fan is claiming that Ted is allegedly getting close to their ad agency girl. There is even speculation that they will file for divorce.  

When she faced the first punch from her husband, the former boxer, she ran towards the door and tried to call 911. It was Robin Ziel who first disappeared from the show when the fourth season aired in 2017.

Robin Vernon accused of domestic violence by his wife
Source: Miami New Times

Velocity yanked the show when the New York Times reported that Vernon was accused of domestic violence and child abuse many times. His 29-year-old daughter from his former wife addressed that she's worried about the safety of her stepmother and minor brother.

She said,

"Ted is a monstrous man who has continued to lie and cheat his way through the political justice system."

"This is not a man that should be able to continuously be invincible and to continuously walk free and put other humans in danger. This is a man that deserves jail time; this is a man that needs to pay for the wrongs he has done."

You are definitely thinking whether the two are still together or not. Only Time will tell about the future of this couple!

Marriage Turned Into A Business Partnership

The love story of Ted and Robin takes us back to 1998. Ted went on a blind date with Robin Vernon for the first time and fell in love. They married within two years following their official relationship.

The couple has one son named Ted Vernon Jr. He took his family to different places like Niagra Falls, Ontario and so on.

Robin Vernon and Ted Vernon's only son Ted Verno Jr.

His wife Robin is a renowned model and actress who has worked in various Hollywood Horror movies like Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre and Hell Glades.

If you want to watch that movie then you can see the trailer and decide for yourself.     

She is also the partner of Ted and she oversees the day-to-day running of the business and also creates the majority of internet content like handling their business's social networking pages.                     

Before Ted became a businessman he has played many roles in multiple Hollywood ventures including Miami 7, which he co-starred with Paul Cattermole and Rachel Stevens.

He has also starred in movie Village of the Damned which he co-starred with Christopher Reeve and Kristy Allen.  

Ted Vernon: Quick facts 

  • Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Ted Vernon is a famous TV personality, popular for his show, South Beach Classics.
  • He's also known by his name WolfMan.
  • Started off his career as an amateur boxer in his late 20's.
  • In Miami Beach Convention Center, he was knocked out by his opponent Kent Baker which was his ultimate loss.
  • He got a chance to star in popular reality series along with his wife, Robin Vernon, entitled South Beach Classics where they buy and sell antique and custom-made cars.
  • He has produced his first screenplay Hammerhead Jones. He was the producer of motion image of John Carpenter's Village of the Damned with University Films.
  • He is currently producing a new horror film called Angel of Dying.
  • He received three years of probation and a $2000 fine for gun violations.
  • He is the executive producer of the 1988 movie Scarecrows starring himself with Michael David Simms, Richard Vidan, Kristina Sanborn, David James Campbell, and Victoria Christian.
  • He has an estimated net worth of about $15 million. 

Well, until now they have not confirmed their separation but we really hope that they will mend their relationship soon.



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