Well, we all know what has been going on in the show South Beach Classic. Robin Vernon was removed from the show rooster and it was a big blow for the show.

Ted Vernon may have made the biggest mistake when he decided to remove Robin. The couple is now all set to go their separate ways as there are rumors that they are getting divorce. Many of the South Beach Classic's fan are not happy about it.

Today, MarriedWiki has collected all the latest news about the relationship between Robin and Ted, so without further adieu let's get right into it.       

Complicated Relationship- Started with a fight

It is often said that a relationship is not healthy if there are several complications and heaps of misunderstanding and such relationships are bound to go down the drain. The same thing happened to the South Beach Classic couple, Ted Vernon and Robin Vernon.

No one ever expected this kind of complications between the pair.


Ted Vernon and Robin Vernon- at South Beach Classics Source: Miami Corruption

Their problem was not revealed until a customer who was not happy about their service revealed all the things that went down when he was there.

A customer who went there to buy a car for his daughter's 20th birthday. In a report that he filed in a website named ripoffreport, he revealed that Ted and his wife were arguing all over the place.


According to the customer, both of them were arguing and Robin was mentioning drugs and alcohol.

As they were arguing suddenly both of them started punching  each other. The fight was very tensed and both of them were choking each other.

It was also said that Robin was beaten by Ted on a regular basis.

Robin's Fan Supporting Her Source: Facebook

Everything pointed towards Ted and many people are blaming him for this fight but according to many customers Robin was also involved and there were faults from her side as well.

Fault in their Stars

The happily married life of this ultimate stars is crumbling down to bits and pieces and both have remained tight lipped about their future decision.

Ted and Robin During Their blissful Time

If you scroll around Robin's facebook account you can see the amount of heat Ted has to face from all of their fans.

Many of her fans are saying that Ted is now enjoying his life with a new girl named Lucy Clarkson.

Fans Accusing Ted of Beating Robin Source: Facebook

She is currently the new face of the show and many of Robin's fan are saying that Ted cheated on Robin for Lucy. But nothing can be said as Ted is yet to comment on the controversy.


Robin keeps sharing all post done by her fans and it really makes us feel that she wants sympathy from everyone. Don't take me wrong but the way she keeps posting all the hate post about Ted really shows it.

Ted is now in his late 60s and he is doing his usual shooting for the show. He is currently working alongside new anchor named Lucy and many people are not liking the show.

Future of Ted and Robin

It looks like that the couple has not filed for a divorce yet and maybe the problem can be sorted out.

But if you are fighting and your husband just sold your beloved car then it raises many questions.


In the recent episode of the show, Ted just sold Robin's Range Rover and said that the car was a bad luck for him and that's why he sold it.

His decision proved to be a point that triggers a chain of reaction and he was hated more by Robin's fan.

Although, many of his fans are now lashing out at Robin and call her weird names. Previously, there was speculation that Robin had plastic surgery and it was a failure as she was looking like the girl from the movie Splice.

Robin in Bikini Swamp Source: YouTube

When she started her acting career and starred in the movie like Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre, she looked different at that time.

Well, as of now the show South Beach Classics is running and the pair is yet to file for a divorce. Let us see how this news builds up over time.

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