Auto Racing Driver and The New Bachelor of The Bachelor season 22 Ari Luyendyk Going Head Over Heels for new contestant Krystal Nielson. Remaining Contestants Raise Concerns Regarding Their Growing Closeness!

  • Arie Luynedyk went on a date with Krystal during the second week of the show, flying from L.A. to Arizona, his hometown.
  • The pair met Arie's parents along with brother and sister-in-law and he was pretty impressed with Kylie's genuine efforts.
  • Arie thought Nielson was "emotionally ahead of the other women." which ultimately won his heart.
  • Arie made his television debut on ABC's The Bachelorette season 8 om 2012 where he was placed as the first runner-up.

The 36-year-old bachelor Arie Luynedyk is finding hard to get his head wrapped around his leading lady of the show, Krystal Nielson, aka "Hurricane Krystal."

After their romantic date where he flew Krystal from LA to his hometown, Arizona and met their family, Arie is getting serious about Krystal.

Arie handing on rose to Krystal on the show


Source: ABC

An insider source revealed how Luyendyk has an impression about Nielson thinking she is "emotionally ahead of the other women" making him also believe that Krystal knows him best out of all the contestants.

This has left all other 12 contestants in quite a puddle. The source further states how Krystal is doing everything just to win. 

"She wants him to chase her and will do anything to get his attention."

states the source with reference to an upcoming group date which will be aired on January 29. In the episode, Krystal gets angry with Arie after he invites all the women to an after party, which is originally meant just for the winners.

Arie and Krystal Flying together to Arie's hometown- Arizona


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She then fights with Arie, calling him "liar", locking her self in the room and crying. This tantrum leads Arie to go on and search for Krystal, and both argue.

The insider states that after the argument Arie is quite disappointed with Krystal as she questioned his character. And now in the upcoming episode, Arie finally reveals how he actually feels about her while Krystal states that she's all packed and ready to go!



The show airs every Monday on ABC Network at 8 o'clock Eastern Time and 7 o'clock Central Time.