English game show host, Anne Hegerty is one of the worlds best quiz competition chasers. She is renowned for her work in the series, The Chase. She competes against all the participants and prevents them from winning the cash prize.  

Now talking about her personal life, she is pretty open about her relationship status and even stated how she doesn't like kids and family. Well, we're going to take look at her personal life today and be up close and personal with the star.   

Is Anne Hegerty Dating Someone? Or Married? Her Relationship Status

Now according to Wikipedia and many sources, she is married to a man named Jake Hester since 2015. The news of her married life literally shocked the whole world as she always claimed family as a nuisance.   

During a Q&A with her fans on Twitter, one of her fans first asked whether she is a fan of QPR football team for which she answered 'not really.'  

Anne Hegerty is reportedly married to someone but she claims otherwise
Source: Pink News

Furthermore, one of her fans then asked whether she is really married to a man named Jake Hester. The fan also stated whether the claim by the Wikipedia is true or not.

She answered that she is not married to anyone. She even showed her disappointment as Wikipedia didn't remove the name of the man as her husband. She stated,

"Not particularly. Is it still claiming I'm married to someone called Jake Hester? I've given up trying to correct it."

Now if we are to follow her claim then she is not married to any man named Jake. And as for now, she is not married nor dating anyone.   

Anne Hegerty once suffered from a severe disease called, Asperger's Syndrome in 2005. She laughingly claimed she was dating the syndrome. According to her, the disease even refrained her from having a great romantic life.      

She said, 

“I was failing to pick up signals from people. I would think, ‘I really like this guy but he doesn’t seem to be interested’. “It was literally years later that I would think about it and think, ‘actually that was him indicating his interest’. And sort of went, ‘oh duh’.”

But she has recovered from the syndrome and is happy then ever.     

Anne Hegerty-"Children Are Expensive To Take Care" 

Anne Hegerty was once in a relationship with a man from California. The revelation of her relationship with him came forward when she herself revealed it.

Anne attending an event in London
Source: TV3

In the tweet, she said, 

"I did use to have a Californian boyfriend whose mother was a DAR. Naturally he was pro-immigration!"

But the couple is not in a relationship anymore. Now speaking of her take on marriage and having children, she doesn't like having children and family.

According to her, they invade your privacy and are a nuisance. Children are not only chaotic but are quite expensive to take care off. In an interview with the Huffington, she said, 

"You don't miss what you haven't had and I just think I love the peace and quiet of my life. I would like more of it."

Maybe that's why she is not married yet and nor had any plan to raise any children any time soon. The 60-year-old television host is quite happy in her single life. 

Anne Hegerty: Quick Facts

Source: Newshub
  • Born on July 14, 1958 (age 60 years), in Wood Green, United Kingdom. 
  • She is the parent of Kenneth Hegerty and Shirley Brereton Hegerty.
  • She stands at the height of 1.71 meters. 
  • Her nickname is The Governess. 
  • She is famous for appearing in the show, The Chase, and The Chase Australia
  • Her net worth is estimated at $250k.