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The Secret Diet Responsible For Tom Kerridge Weight Loss Transformation

Updated On 23 Oct, 2019 Published On 23 Oct, 2019
The Secret Diet Responsible For Tom Kerridge Weight Loss Transformation

No cap but Tom Kerridge weight loss secrets got us really thinking about our diet. To those wanting to lose weight, see the amazing tips Kerridge followed to shed 12 st.

40th Birthday Was The Wake Up Call For Tom Kerridge

UK chef Tom Kerridge is no more known or seen as the big typical chef you see on a regular basis. As fans of Kerridge can remember, he has impressively shed loads of weight to trim down his balloon figure.

The author, who revealed his weight loss secrets on his book; Lose Weight for Good decided to take care of his weight when he turned forty, realizing that he wouldn't make it to the average live expectancy of eighty years old if he kept living like that.

Tom Kerridge began losing weight after turning 40. SOURCE: Daily Express

Especially not when he boozed off all the time with an unhealthy eating lifestyle. Not to mention, as per his revelation, the cook would-be regularly feeding himself and snacking on easy quick items like cheese toasts crips.

Besides, pretty much like fellow chef John Torode who emphasized never skipping breakfast in the morning to lose weight, Tom as well as followed the same tactic. Matter of fact, he was not even the breakfast guy as he always skipped them. And, the chef was fully aware of the factor with being one of the main reasons for his weight gain problem.

Since embarking on his weight loss journey in 2013, the Salisbury native lost over 10 stones in only two and a half years following a special kind of diet. Well, what is it?

Kerridge Adopted Dopamine Diet

The secret to Tom Kerridge's weight loss secret is the dopamine diet, something he fully supports as he relied on it to successfully accomplish his fortieth birthday wishes to stay healthy and fit.

Dopamine diet is all about consuming healthy as in for fresh and lean meat and vegetables, unprocessed, and dairy products but ditching high calorie and carbs food. And, yes, Tom exactly and strictly followed the same mantra and also had less than 90 gm of carbs a day.

Tom Kerridge applied dopamine diet to lose weight. SOURCE: Daily Express

More importantly, the distinctive part of the dopamine diet is the fact that it's about the simultaneous work of feeding the body to make the mind happy by increasing dopamine hormone whilst working on to help the body shed weight.

Besides, Kerridge also ditched alcohol which is enriched in calories and can easily lead to weight gain issues. In fact, alcoholic averages are completely forbidden to consume by dopamine diet. Last but not least, the Bake Off presenter also had his breakfast every day.

But, following the diet program didn't mean the father of one, Acey Kerridge whom he shares with wife, Beth Cullen Kerridge totally missed out on the fun as he would treat himself with his fav snacks every once in a while. 

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