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Top ten signs that show you are in a Bad Relationship and it is time for you to end the Relation

Updated On 20 Jul, 2017 Published On 19 Jul, 2017
Top ten signs that show you are in a Bad Relationship and it is time for you to end the Relation

A bad relationship is like watering a dead plant and is a track to ruin your life. So, we should either make it good or end the relationship.

Those texts that make you sit there smiling at your phone; when you can tell a person everything no secrets and lies; when he/she can complete you; are some of the signs of the beautiful relationship.  

However, a relation with no trust, no affection, lying and others are the signs of the bad relationship. Being in an unhealthy relationship is like watering a dead plant which is really useless. It will make you feel more lonely.

So, every person out there in relation should know whether the person you are with is the right one or not.

Here are the ten signs that might tell whether you are in a bad relationship or not!!!!!!

1. Attempt to control

Relationship means understanding each other and moving ahead together with mutual understanding. The couple advises each other, help each other in need that what a perfect relationship is all about.

But if your partner tries to control you and your private life like controlling over making friends, hanging out, dress, lifestyle and so on other.

Source: DC on Heels

This is the serious matter because no partner would keep under control the next partner because every person has the right to freedom and right to live their life in their own way.

So, if your partner is all about controlling you and your every move than it is time to say goodbye. 

2. Fighting everytime

It is said that fighting makes the love deeper but the massive amount of fighting is the curse in terms of the relationship.

Fighting every time even in the small thing can be a sign of bad relationships. Besides this, arguing in front of all and insulting in front of other people is intolerable.

Source: Woman's Day

3. Lack of respect

Respecting your partner is a sign of a healthy and long lasting relationship. But disrespecting your partner every time and taking each other as granted is one of the worse sign of unhealthy relationships.

If your partner frequently disrespects you in the sense that making fun of your ideas, views and breaking promises then you need to think once more about your partner. 

Source: Boldsky

Your partner should always respect you because, with love respect, love is lost. 

4. Disengagement

One of the major sign of an unhealthy relationship is disengagement. This occurs when both the partner loses their interest on each other and stop to invest time, energy, emotion which shows that a person is losing the interest of the partner.

In such case, the partner who disengaged might be ready to end the relationship and give no time and give no attention to the partner and if you give time from your schedule then it would make him/her very special.

Source: The Cheat Sheet 

5. Lying repeatedly

Trust is the root of any relationship. "It took years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair". It is like an eraser gets smaller after every mistake.

Never lie to someone who trusts you and never trust someone who lies to you. Every person who is in relation should keep this in mind.

Constant lying breaks the trust and is one of the bad sign of bad relationship.

Source: Hart Centre

6. Cheating

You don’t hurt the person you love and there can be no way a person can love you and cheat to you over and over again. Cheating is another sign of an unhealthy relationship.

No partner should compromise if a partner keeps on cheating constantly and mostly when you caught them red handed.

Sometimes the partner might be really sorry from the heart and might feel guilty about that and in such case, you should consider but should look after his/her activities.

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Only then you can be in a healthy and happy relationship.

7. Relationship Violence

According to Dave Laing, ''We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love''. This is dedicated to all the person who faces violence in the name of love and relationship.

Both the physical and mental violence is intolerable in the name of love. If your partner tortured you physically by hitting and mentally by abusing then you have to end such relationship immediately.

Source: Lelacstjean

8. Loss of emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy begins with validating your partner's point of view even if you don’t agree with it. If the partners have a strong trust, attachment and affection then the couple can be called as a happy couple with a healthy relationship.

However, if a couple lacks love, affection, caring, intimacy between each other then it is the prominent sign of the bad relationship.

Source: Why Intelligent Women Read Romance Novel

9. Feeling lonely even you're together

The relation is build to be free from loneliness but if a partner still feels lonely when he/she is dating than it is useless.

If your partner does not care about you, ignore you and most probably eaves to alone and makes you feel alone then it’s the right time to end the relationship.

Source: blogs.webmd.com

10. It's all about sex

Yes, sex is one of the essential parts of the human life. But the relation is not only about the sex. It is also about emotional attachment, caring, affection and strong communication as well.

So, if your partner treats you well only in the bed then it is time to get out. Focusing only on the sex is not the sign of a good relationship. 

Source: tomhitchens.com

So, make sure about the things that if your partner ignores you in other time but shows love only in bed then it's time to think about your partner.

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