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WAGS Cast Autumn Ajirotutu - Meet Seyi Ajirotutu's Wife and Mother of His Twin Daughters

Updated On 06 Feb, 2019 Published On 06 Feb, 2019
WAGS Cast Autumn Ajirotutu - Meet Seyi Ajirotutu's Wife and Mother of His Twin Daughters

Know about the married life of wags actress, autumn Arijotutu with husband Seyi Arijotutu. read about her husband's recent cheating scandal with some random girl from the internet. see if autumn is still with Seyi after that or has she already forgiven her husband.

The reality star, Autumn Ajirotutu is popular for appearing in  American reality documentary television series WAGS. As of now, she is currently working in the modeling industry, and with her rise in social media influence, she has been able to gather huge followers on her Instagram.

Autumn also grabbed huge attention after she got married to her former NFL player husband. And add to that, a few years back, the tabloids flocked around her even more with her husband's notorious case of scandal.  So what has been the outcome of that controversies and is Autumn still married to her husband? To know all about this along with many other personal aspects of hers, let delve into the article below.

Autumn Ajirotutu's Married Life

The gorgeous from the E! television network's WAGS, Autumn Ajirotutu is currently married to former NFL player, Seyi Ajirotutu. Her hubby, Seyi is of Nigerian descent and is also popular as a former wide receiver and a special teamer of the San Diego Chargers. Seyi is also featured alongside his wife on WAGS.

Seyi Arijotutu with Autumn
SOURCE: Fabwags

The couple first met in the year 2006 when Autumn was still a student at Fresno State University. While Autumn was already on her second-year, Seyi was a year junior to her. The soon-to-be lovebirds eventually became close friends and on 4 November 2011, Seyi finally popped the big question to Autumn when they visited his parents in Sacramento.

And then the pair evidently pledged their vows in the May of 2012. On their wedding day, the couple even hired Debra Hiebèrt of Très Fabu Event Planning and Design to organize their big day. Similarly, the venue was set in the Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. 

Fast forward to two years, and the couple further went onto solidify their bond with the birth of their twin girls(Londyn Ajirotutu and Laiyah Ajirotutu) in November 2014. 

Autumn Ajirotutu's Husband's Cheating Scandal

For a while, the WAGS' star couple was going seemingly good with their twins and respective careers. But being a celeb, sooner or later they were bound to have a drama of their own. 

Flirtatious texts between Seyi and the woman
SOURCE: Hit berry

When Autumn was starring on the second season of the wags, an email came out of nowhere in the popular blog Baller Alert. The portal then flashed an email attached with a conversation which apparently contained flirtatious messages between Ajirotutu's husband and some random unidentified girl. 

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We often read stories of athletes who were caught cheating on their wives, and this time it was Seyi Ajirotutu, who was cheating on Autumn.

The whole tinsel town started to make their own headlines accusing Seyi of his infidelity. Surprisingly, the one on the corner who stood on Seyi's side was the one who was hurt the most in this; his wife Autumn. Autumn may have had her heart broken into pieces, but as for the media, she remained quite persistent on Seyi never doing anything that would have otherwise affect their relationships.

On the other side, the web still had its own yet different story to tell.

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As mentioned, it was the Baller Alert at first which received an email that ultimately started to tremble the very foundation of Autumn and her husband's togetherness. The text in the email began with,

I Began Watching The Show And Recorded It To See His Wife. She Was so Vain And Bragged On Her Husband. While I Watched, I Was Thinking “Girl Your Man Ain’t S***”. At This Point, Seyi And I Were Still Going Back And Forth In The DM’s. I Never Let On That I Knew That His Wife Was On The Show. However, In The Conversations On The DM, He Did Let Me Know He Was Married. So I Finally Gave Him My Number And We Began Texting. In The Beginning, I Used To Delete Out Texts But I Started To Save Them Because He Started To Get Shady And Shadier.

wrote the mystery women.

Obscene images from the woman between
SOURCE: Hit Berry

 The chat evidently showed Seyi clearly involving in a conversation with unknown women. He was also seen talking about showing his genitals and wishing about seeing the girl in person if he ever gets a chance.

Seyi Ajirotutu then took the conversation to a hotter level with the woman also eventually starting to appear only with her panties on.

But what was the reason behind this scandalous act in the first place? Well, the conspiracy began when the very unknown woman started to became jealous of Autumn's boasting about the fact how she married the best and most faithful man in the world. So the act of her sending such an email was only with the sole motive to wreck the relationships of Autumn and her husband. 

So Is Autumn Ajirotutu's Still Married to Seyi Ajirotutu?

Either Autumn knows her husband way too better than anybody else or is she just giving him the second chance the point is she is still exceptionally siding by Seyi. In fact, Seyi and Autumn Ajirotutu look even happier than they ever were. 

Recently, the couple also posed for Shustringmagazine and gave an image of their still running strong relationship.

Furthermore, Autumn even went on Instagram to show that she was never in more love with her hubby, as Autumn posted a photo along with the caption that read,

'I love you so much, babe! Despite the bs people "think" they know, want to read or believe from a show. Your family and friends know who you are and that's all that matters. Thank you for being you!  Happy 4th!' to support her husband.  

Likewise, in an interview with Bossip Autumn said,

I do not think it is a major concern from just the wives I believe it is a concern with the women in general. But to answer your question, how do I deal with it??? I don’t deal with it. It’s not an issue in my household. My husband is a homebody. 

She further explained,

To be honest with you I didn’t have many friends that were associated with a player before I got married, so I’m sure they side eyed me too. But not because of me being a girlfriend, but more so of who is she, what is she about, what are her intentions and will she stay around. I never was treated as an outsider. However, the organization does treat married couples different than single girls. I can’t speak for every situation, but I can speak on mine.

The fact also remains that this infamous act of sabotaging was literally the attempt to break their relationship which clearly, failed as the couple is united as ever, just like it was in the case of singer Monica Brown and her NBA star husband, Shannon Brown.

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Hopefully, there won’t be more mysterious women emerging with crushing details of how they had their time with the football stars.

Quick Facts: Autumn Ajirotutu

  • Autumn Arijotutu was born on November 7, 1988 (age 30 years) in Castro Valley, California, United States.
  • Autumn Arijotutu's receives an estimated salary of around $200,000 per episode.
  • Autumn Arijotutu hails under the birth sign, Scorpio.
  • Autumn Arijotutu completed her education at San Leandro High School in California in 2006. 
  • Autumn also graduated with BA in Communication Studies from Fresno State University in 2010.

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