Home Article Was Rapper NLE Choppa Cheated On By His Girlfriend Who Tattoed His Face On Her?

Was Rapper NLE Choppa Cheated On By His Girlfriend Who Tattoed His Face On Her?

Published On 17 Dec, 2019
Was Rapper NLE Choppa Cheated On By His Girlfriend Who Tattoed His Face On Her?

From his fashion choices of wearing sagging pants to Hip-Hop career as a young aspiring rapper to his dance moves to what not his dating life, NLE Choppa sure draws everyone's attention. The Shotta Flow singer previously dated on and off girlfriend that involved tons of controversies including cheating allegations from both sides and abortions.

Apparently, things seem to have ended for the final time between these two before they might possibly reconcile their teenage romance. But, jeez, what about the big headassery tattoo of Choppa's face his girlfriend got on her back shoulder and his ex-girlfriend's name the young rapper tatted on his neck?

NLE Choppa & Mariah Dated On & Off

Young fans of the young rapper, known as NLE Choppa with his stage name, whose original name is Bryson Lashun Potts, were first heartbroken when the rising rap sensation finally confirmed his relationship with then-girlfriend, Mariah in June 2018.

And, not long after their dating news was confirmed, the young love birds shocked the public when both of them tatted each other on their body. To prove her true love for her man, the then-committed and serious girlfriend of NLE Choppa had a whole face of his boyfriend inked over the back of his shoulder.

NLE Choppa and his ex-girlfriend, Mariah has tattoos of each other. SOURCE: E Daily Buzz

Choppa who as well as wanted to impress his girlfriend, also simply tatted Mariah's name in Calligraphy followed by a heart design with red ink. And, whilst it was fun whilst their young romance lasted, Mariah would often make her appearance on Choppa's Instagram's videos.

Sadly, by the end of the year, as drama followed their relationship, the Tennesse native temporarily split from Mariah in September. Surely, neither NLE nor his then-girlfriend publicly addressed the breakup, but a series video shared by Mariah on her Instagram page said otherwise.

A while after the video was surfaced, the teenagers were reported to have gotten back together before they parted ways for like the millionth time. But, the drama only followed when these two broke up for the final time in December 2019.

Both Parties Claim They Were Cheated On; What's The Real Truth?

In early December, Choppa publicly slammed Mariah on Instagram for cheating on him with the popular college Basketball player, Tyler Harris. The interesting thing here is the fact that Choppa couldn't care less to mention Mariah in the caption but he as hell made sure to drag Harris with his username.

Of course, Mariah denies the cheating allegation as she swears on his dead cousin's grave and also claims Choppa was the first to cheat on her and that she even has evidence of it. Other than that, Mariah also insisted that his ex only lied because he was scared.

NLE Choppa accuses Mariah of cheating on him. SOURCE: Street Juice TV Twitter

And in response, Tyler comments back to back that he wants all the things including the camera and the chain laptop he bought her but insisted Mariah keep the 'rest of the b*llshit'. The drama doesn't end here though as Mariah has alleged that the rapper even shot at her with a draco.

As a matter of fact, she even mentioned that Choppa wasn't a real gangster as he claims to be. And, amidst everything, it was recently found out on December that Mariah was pregnant with Choppa's child.

Choppa Wants An Abortion Whilst Mariah Opposes

Mariah herself took to Instagram to report all the cheating allegations and to surprisingly reveal that she was pregnant with NLE Choppa's baby. Claiming how the rapper still won't leave her alone even after the split, Mariah explains that Choppa still contacts her, writes songs about her and makes posts about her.

NLE Choppa wanted his ex to abort their child. SOURCE: Twitter

And, it was in the same post at the end, Choppa made the announcement about the pregnancy and that Choppa reached out to go for an abortion option. Mariah, however, wants to keep the baby in the suggestion of her mother who is happy to have a grandchild.

On the other side, since their separation, Mariah publicly praised Choppa's rival, rapper YoungBoy whilst the BLOCC IS HOT artist went on to collaborate with Bhad Bhabie as he currently deleted his Instagram. Oh, the drama seriously never ends.

Well, but, if things are officially over for these two, good luck to both of them on hiding or removing the tattoos.

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