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Weight Loss Secrets Of Dolores Catania Who Lost 25 Ibs In 45 Days

Published On 27 Sep, 2019
Weight Loss Secrets Of Dolores Catania Who Lost 25 Ibs In 45 Days

The greatest gain of ditching to eat at restaurants is not only money-saving but also having great health and weight loss. Don't believe us? Ask Dolores Catania who lost a mind-blowing of 25 Ibs in just 45 days by cutting off eating at restaurants.

Dolores Catania Weight Loss Inspiration

When your job is all about being a part of the limelight, it automatically happens to urge most of the celebrities to lose weight and stay skinny. But, for the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast Dolores Catania, she was urged, or moreover like inspired, to lose weight by her friends' daughter.

Dolores Catania lost over 20 Ibs in 45 days. SOURCE: New Beauty

In an interview, she reveals how most of the companions in the tv personality's life were focused on leading a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. Matter of fact, Catania was actually impressed with everyone around her including her friend and co-star Teresa Giudice daughters and her nieces; Milania Giudice and Sarah Giudice who were about that life.

Apart from her nieces, it was also the desire to wear fit clothes for summer that motivated Catania on dropping some unwanted weight. Also as she realized how her weight was getting heavier, it was then the New Jersey-born decided to embark on the same journey.

And, at the right timing, Elite Health Center came to rescue Dolores.

Catania Joined the Elite Health Center

The first thing the mother of two; Gabrielle Catania and Frankie Catania do to lose weight was by joining Elite Health Center where she was instructed to follow the HCG Diet which emphasizes on a low calorie and a low-fat diet. The RHONJ star actually joined a 45-day diet program that was completed by following different phases.

Dolores Catania ditched eating at restaurants. SOURCE: Instagram (dolorescatania)

Basically the different phases included Catania on taking fats and calorie as much as she could. But after a couple of days, Catania was on a strict diet and began to consume only near 750 calories and less amount of fats. Besides, adding less calorie and less fat to her diet, Catania also removed sugar, oily food, and carbs which is highly responsible for weight gain.

But the most important rule of the 45 days program the reality tv star followed was to ditch eating at restaurants. Throughout the phases, Catania never ate outside her home. Interestingly, under the Elite Health Center's program, Dolores didn't even develop any temptation to cheat on her diet plan.

Additionally, she ate twelve ounces of protein per day which were divided among lunch and dinner. Her meals contained anything from a salmon to other fish that were highly enriched with fats. At the time, Dolores had no time to hit the gym and to rely on diet regimen was her only solution.

Catania's Advice On Weight Loss

True to her words, weight loss gets harder when you get older. For the currently 48 years old, she acknowledges it was easier for her to lose weight when she was younger. And, obviously, if it wasn't her hard work and determination, she wouldn't have lost 25 Ibs in just 45 days.

Dolores Catania flaunts her fitter body in a white dress. SOURCE: Instagram (dolorescatania)

To her fans who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, Catania wants them to change the way they eat and follow a healthy nutrition-based diet. Catania, however, doesn't recommend Elite's low-fat diet to everyone though. The tv star says not everyone can have the strength to stay committed to such strict diets' regimen.

Catania took to Instagram to thank Elite Health Center on the assistance of her weight loss transformation. She lost 24 Ibs in less than two months which is no joke. But, Catania is still not done with her weight loss goals though. It seems as if she has vowed on continuing to focus on living a healthy lifestyle.

And, Kudos to Catania for that.

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