Home Article Where is Jayne Posner, Ex-wife of Neil Diamond Today? Divorce, Children & Family Details Here

Where is Jayne Posner, Ex-wife of Neil Diamond Today? Divorce, Children & Family Details Here

Updated On 16 Dec, 2023 Published On 11 Jul, 2021
Where is Jayne Posner, Ex-wife of Neil Diamond Today? Divorce, Children & Family Details Here

Jayne Posner was just an ordinary girl living a simple life, but she rose to prominence after exchanging her wedding vows with the Sweet Caroline hitmaker Neil Diamond. But what do we know about Jayne?

Jayne Posner - Ex-wife of Neil Diamond! Did She Share Any Children From Her Marriage With The Song Sung Blue Singer?

Jayne Posner came to the limelight for being the first wife of American singer/songwriter Neil Diamond. The Grammy Award winner is famous worldwide for his immortal melodic hits, including Sweet Caroline and I Am... I Said. The iconic singer won millions of fans' hearts with his thunderous and mind-blowing stage performance.

Jayne Posner dancing with her ex-husband Neil Diamond.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Throughout his life, The Sweet Caroline hitmaker married thrice with three different gorgeous women. Neil walked down the aisle with his girlfriend-turned-wife, Jayne Posner, in 1963. Neil first met her during their high school years at some resort while he was working as a waiter. At the time, Neil used to write poems. It is said that Jayne was attracted to his charming voice and poems that eventually stole her heart.

Jayne Posner pictured with her former husband, Neil Diamond. SOURCE: Pinterest

After dating for a few years, the lovebirds took their love to the next level with marriage in a private ceremony. The marital ties lasted for six years before parting ways. The actual reason for the divorce is not disclosed, but Neil's dating Marcia Murphy might be the cause of their splitting.

As for their children, they became parents of two amazing daughters, Elyn Diamond and Marjorie Diamond. It is not learned whether their children lived with Jayne or her former husband Diamond.

Marcia Murphy - Second Wife of Neil Diamond

Following their divorce, the former celebrity wife Jayne Posner preferred to keep her profile low-key and didn't appear anywhere in the media again. But Neil exchanged the vows with the beautiful Marcia Murphy on 5th December 1969, right after ten days of separation from Jayne Posner. It was, in fact, indeed his second marriage. 

Neil Diamond with her second wife, Marcia Murphy. SOURCE: Pinterest

By profession, Marcia was an assistant producer. After getting married, they moved to a house in Malibu Beach and lived there peacefully. Compared with his first marriage, his marital bliss with Marcia lasted longer than 25 years. She is also a proud mother of two children, sons Jesse Diamond and Micah Diamond.

Unfortunately, they, too, couldn't handle their marriage and signed the divorce paper in 1995. His divorce settlement and child support cost him a whopping $150 million, one of the biggest settlement clauses in history. 

Neil Diamond - Married for the Third Time

The Brooklyn native's third wife was none other than Katie McNeil. They got engaged in September 2011 before getting married on 12th April 2012. In 2007, Diamond and McNeil were encountered publicly for the very first few times.

Neil and his current wife have almost 30-year age difference. The Heartlight singer expressed his thankfulness to his much younger spouse Katie for coming into his life and making him believe in marriage once again after terrible heartbreaks. Although Katie didn't share any child with Neil, it didn't limit their happiness in any way.

Watch the video of Jayne Posner's ex-husband Neil Diamond with his current wife Katie McNeil appearing in public.

Not to mention, Diamond also had a few affairs with other stunning women, including Australian Rae Farley, whom he met in Brisbane. But things didn't work out for them. All in all, Neil Diamond perfectly maintains their lovey-dovey relationship regardless of their huge age difference. Recently, Neil retired from performing live with a diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease.

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