Home Article Who is Becky Anderson Husband? Know about her Family and Children

Who is Becky Anderson Husband? Know about her Family and Children

Updated On 24 May, 2017 Published On 31 Dec, 2016
Who is Becky Anderson Husband? Know about her Family and Children

Becky Anderson is a reputed British journalist but what do we know about her personal life?

Rebecca Anderson, popularly known was Becky Anderson is a reputed British journalist working as an anchor for the CNN international flagship’s news and current affairs primetime news program called Connect the World

Having a pleasant personality, Becky can be considered as a woman with a good number of men drooling over her. Her beauty and charisma are still so much astounding even at the age of 49 that one would be keen about her love life or married life.

Becky's Personal life

For someone who would want to know about her personal life, she has made it sure to make the person search for hours at every possible site just to realize how private she keeps her personal life. 

This famous British anchor might speak many things but when it comes to her personal life she seems to glue up her mouth.

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Is Becky Married or Not?

Currently, Becky is not dating anyone and also was not married before to have a husband. But this does not mean that she has kept herself being a married woman.

There was a rumor about her about some followers thinking her to be a lesbian, with no identical truth but it shortly died when Becky devoted shut the rumors. 

Guess people should stop making assumptions about someone when they are not so sure about the truth and have no proof.

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It would not be surprising to say that she has not been reported to have been in any kind of relationship before or her having any kid.

Becky has been using Twitter and Facebook but she cannot be found on Instagram where she would post photos of her or her family. Also, it is a mystery to why she has been such a private person and kept a low profile.

Becky's Professional and Early Life

Becky holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and French from the University of Sussex and a master’s degree in Mass Communication from Arizona State University.

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Becky is a hard working woman who has left no stone unturned to pursue her career and claims she knew exactly what she wanted in life and moved past every hurdle to achieving it. She is a person with an internal locus of control and takes very bold decisions.

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