Home Article Who is ESPN Radio host Ryen Russillo's girlfriend? Did he get married?

Who is ESPN Radio host Ryen Russillo's girlfriend? Did he get married?

Updated On 21 Jan, 2019 Published On 26 Oct, 2016
Who is ESPN Radio host Ryen Russillo's girlfriend? Did he get married?

ESPN radio host Ryen Russillo is known for his amazing voice and is very popular mostly among the ladies. People's attraction towards him leaves everyone wondering about his relationship status.

So, is the handsome American host married or dating someone? Let us find out!!!  

Who is ESPN Radio Host Ryen Russillo's Girlfriend? Did he get married?

The 43-year-old American hosts have not really been open up about his girlfriends or came up with any particular names but he has been spotted with several women over the years.

Apparently, according to one of his Instagram posts, Ryen likes to keep his taste in women broad. The caption to one of his Instagram post was:

“Was just watching ‘Life or Something Like it’ AGAIN the other day and now I totally get it. Just because I'm really attractive and only date pro athletes it doesn't mean I'm truly happy. I love my sick car and two homes, but maybe I should date a civilian?”


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There were rumors that Ryen once dated fellow ESPN personality Cari Champion while she was unmarried but the news was never confirmed by any of them.

Well, it's still a mystery to be solved!

Ryen Russillo Flirted With John Dennis’s Daughter

The controversy between the two started back in 2005 when Russillo was at a party. According to the rumors, Russillo hit on a woman who just so happened to be talk show host Dennis’s daughter.

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John Dennis was upset because of his behavior which led him to leave him a threatening message to Ryen.

It is not our job to make a judgment call on what’s fair and what’s unfair but according to the rumors, Dennis pulled his strings and got Ryen fired because he in some way dishonored his daughter.

Ryen Russillo Brags About Not Having Kids

Once in a voice recording, Ryen said that it would be great to not have to go to work and hang around with kids which but then he says that the feeling goes away real quick as he’d never be able to go through the diaper changing or sitting through a bad movie.

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Ryen has also posted a picture with a baby on Instagram and said “Can’t wait to have more of these”


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It is really hard to understand if Ryen wants kids.

Ryen Russilo's Professional Career

Ryen Russilo is the main host of 'Russillo and Kanell'. Ryen previously did commentary for the New England Patriots on WBCN before he was let go because of his personal conflict with John Dennis of WEEI.

Dennis left a threatening voicemail to Russillo which started a dispute between the two. Ryen then started working in the ESPN and has continued to work there for over a decade.

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After 11 years, the quarrel between the two was lit up again and in a Super Bowl party held in Indianapolis, the two almost started the fight.

As a result of the controversy, Ryen got suspended from ESPN and the whereabouts of his job is still unknown.

Ryen Russillo: Wiki

  • Born and raised in West Tisbury, Ryen Russilo is famous sports journalist of ESPN.
  • Graduated from the University of Vermont.
  • Moved to Boston and got a major break when he hosted The Die Hards, along with co-host Anthony Pepe, Kevin Winter, Mike Winn, and John Anik for Sports news radio WWZN.
  • has hosted major games including The Baseball Show, ESPN Radio College Gameday, NBA Sunday All NIght with Jason Smith and so on.
  • Currently hosts his own show, The Ryen Russillo Show.
  • Just recently he was arrested for criminal entry, charged with being nude and intoxicated in Wyoming.

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