Home Article Who Is Eva Noblezada boyfriend; Is she Dating Anyone? Find all the details here

Who Is Eva Noblezada boyfriend; Is she Dating Anyone? Find all the details here

Updated On 05 Jun, 2017 Published On 05 Jun, 2017
Who Is Eva Noblezada boyfriend; Is she Dating Anyone? Find all the details here

Who Is Eva Noblezada boyfriend; Is she Dating Anyone? Find all the details here. Also see her Career, Ethinicity, Bio, and Awards.

If you're familiar and a regular viewer of Broadway show, then surely you hear the name, Eva Noblezada. The young actress is now on her verge of winning the prestigious Tony Award.

Apart from her work, the actress is dating actor English actor Leo Roberts. The couple is now together for few years or so and Eva's fans are asking if they have decided to tie the knot soon?

Eva Noblezada and Leo Roberts-Tying the Knot Soon

This question revolved in the head of every Miss Saigon a.k.a. Eva fans out there. Unlike many celebs, she likes to talk about her relationship in public.  

Eva is in a blissful relationship with fellow actor Leo Roberts since meeting while working for the same show, Source: The Pickwyck

Eva and Leo started dating after working as an actor for the same stage show Les Miserables. Though Roberts live in London, pretty far from where Eva lives but loves find it's way, isn't it.

The Philipino-American actress and singer are totally head over hills for him. There's isn't any interview in which she didn't talk about him.

As any other tabloids and gossip magazine would call it, she's in a serious relationship with Leo.

Leo and Eva is head over hills for one another, They usually share pictures on their social media

As for her long distance relationship, the 21-years-old states,

“I didn’t expect to move to another country and find a soul mate like Leo. He understands my schedule and me, and he’s the most loving, loyal, passionate and talented person I have met.”

Their relationship is pretty simple and by simple we mean, very simple. 

“We’re not the kind of couple to freak out if I live across a tiny pond of water.”

Well, there it is, the amount of love, understanding, and most of all trust they share is immeasurable. After reading this you must be thinking, are they going to get married?

For now, we should leave that question to rest as both of them are young and passionate about their career. But we're sure in the back of their minds, marriage is on the cards, so don't surprised if hear wedding bells.

Who Is Leo Roberts?

So after going through the article till now, you must be thinking, Who is this guy? 

For starters, he's a stage actor, just like our beloved Eva. He's most notable for his work in West-End production Show Boat.


Leo is also a stage actor and often sings in local radio stations

He also worked in Shrek and Les Miserables. He often sings in BBC Radio Friday night show, "FROM BROADWAY TO HOLLYWOOD."

Quick Facts about Eva Noblezada


Source: Curtis Brown

Born on 18 March 1996, in San Diego, California, USA.

Born as the eldest child of Filipino father and Mexican-American mother.

Belongs to Hispanic-Mongolian race.

Saw her talent in singing from an early age.

Graduated from Charlotte’s Northwest School of the Arts, North Carolina.

Famous for her role in Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary, The 71st Annual Tony Awards, and Breakfast.

She is currently in the race for winning her first Tony Award after getting nominated for her role in "Miss Saigon."

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