Home Article Who is Josina Anderson dating? There is no sign of having a boyfriend nor husband. What is she planning?

Who is Josina Anderson dating? There is no sign of having a boyfriend nor husband. What is she planning?

Updated On 27 Jan, 2019 Published On 27 Oct, 2016
Who is Josina Anderson dating? There is no sign of having a boyfriend nor husband. What is she planning?

Josina Anderson is a gorgeous American journalist and a reporter for network ESPN. The 38-year-old reporter is very popular on sports television.

However, the beauty has never made any official comments about being in a relationship.

Josina Anderson’s Love Life: Is She Dating Anyone? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

The pretty journalist is in her late thirties but has had no sign of ever being in a relationship or getting married. Talking about her relationships, she has never even openly discussed crushes.

When a woman does not discuss men, people automatically assume that she is gay.

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However, Josina has not discussed being a gay or even bisexual for that matter except for the rumors spread over the internet.

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Josina may or may not be gay. The real question is, why have not we ever heard about any of her relationships? Is the woman so protective about her love life that she won’t let anyone in the big secret?

Whatever the reasons may be, it is not possible for any media star to keep things hidden for a very long time. 

This sexy reporter might have done a really good job until now but there will come a time when everybody will know who she has mingled with.

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Shocker! How can this woman be single when she is frequently surrounded by all those gorgeous reporters and hot sportsmen? Could she not have been interested in any of them?

Josina is a career woman who has risen very high on her own. She has built a great career for herself and claims to be happy where she stands. So, could she have forgotten the need to share this happiness with a life partner?

Josina could also be one of those people who enjoy the single life and does not want to get involved with anyone. She could also be so busy with her life that she has no time or space for a little romance.

For all we know, Josina is still single or is doing a really good job hiding her partner. We all know, eventually, we will know what is in her mind.

Josina Anderson's Professional Career

Born to Lloyd and Yasmin Anderson, Josina is originally from Washington DC. She gained her popularity as the reporter for ESPN.

Josina was interested in journalism from a very early age. Apart from journalism, she has also actively participated in Ballet. Similarly, Josina also went to the Dance Theatre of Harlem and Pennsylvania Ballet.

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She started off as a journalist in 2000 at CBS-affiliated Coos Bay, Ore as an anchor and reporter. She joined Chicago-based ESPN in 2011.

Josina has also kept in touch with her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer by performing solo with the American Youth Ballet.

Josina Anderson: Wiki

  • Born on 15 August 1978 in Washington D.C. to Yasmin Anderson and Lloyd Anderson.
  • She was a former ballet dancer and also a soloist with the American Youth Ballet.
  • She cut off her hair and became bald as a result of a bet when  Trevor Sieman became the starting quarterback ahead of Mark Sanchez
  • She has 45.6k followers on Instagram and 137k followers on Twitter as of January 2019.

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