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Who is Liam McQuade? Know about his Wife Wendy Mesley and Married Life.

Updated On 13 Jan, 2019 Published On 06 Jan, 2017
Who is Liam McQuade? Know about his Wife Wendy Mesley and Married Life.

Liam McQuade is widely known for being husband of the beautiful and sexy blonde host of Canada Wendy Mesley. Other than the information of being married to Wendy there is nothing mentioned about Liam in the internet.

Liam McQuade is a marketing executive of a multinational company in Canada. He's happily married to his wife, a famous new presenter, Wendy Mesley 

Wendy is considered as one of the veteran news reporters, and to be honest there are not many of them in this field. Both are living a happy and peaceful married life. So there are no such rumors of them getting divorced or whatsoever. Let's know about their married life. 

Who's Liam McQuade? Know about his wife Wendy Mesley

After the divorce from her former husband Peter Mansbridge, Wendy stayed single for a while then she got married for the second time after seven years of divorce to a marketing executive Liam McQuade in 1998.

Liam McQuade with his wife Wendy Wesley at OFC event,
Source: Zimbio

They also have a beautiful daughter together. When Wendy was fighting cancer in 2005, Liam without a doubt was standing beside her.

“I defeated cancer because of faith Liam had in us and especially in me”, she said in an interview after her recovery.

Liam, the marketing executive of a multinational company,
Source; Fashion magazine

They are a loving couple who stands for each other no matter what. It’s always so inspiring to see a couple who is literally going for “together forever”.

Wendy's previous marriage

Before marrying Liam McQuade, she was married to her former boyfriend Peter Mansbridge from 1989 to 1992.

Wendy with her former husband, CBC News Anchor Peter Mansbridge, Source: the tea makers

Peter is a British-Canadian news reporter. We can guess how they knew each other, apparently, they both worked for the same channel CBC for a while when they fell for each other and got married, unfortunately, the alliance didn’t work out and got divorced shortly after 3 years of marriage.

The phenomenal Wendy Mesley, her battle with cancer

In the year 2005, Mesley was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing surgeries and treatment she was finally recovered after one year in 2006 and went back to business.

A documentary based on her story of fighting cancer Quwas released the same year she recovered as “Chasing the Cancer Answer” and even well received by the people.

Quick facts about Liam McQuade

  •  Born and raised in Toronto, Liam McQuade is the chief executive working for Liam McQuade Inc that serves the client giving business advice, counseling and leadership.
  • Attended the University of Toronto doing major in History and English and did his MBA from York University-Schulich School of Business.
  • Prior to working for Liam McQuade Inc., he worked as Managing Director for The Wynford Group for three years in Canada.
  • He's happily married to Canadian television host and reporter Wend Mesley since 1998. 

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