Home Article Who Is Lisa Nichols? Single Mum To A Son Is A Motivatonal Speaker; All The Details Here

Who Is Lisa Nichols? Single Mum To A Son Is A Motivatonal Speaker; All The Details Here

Published On 28 Jan, 2020
Who Is Lisa Nichols? Single Mum To A Son Is A Motivatonal Speaker; All The Details Here

Lisa Nichols is among one of the exemplary independent women who needs no man. Honestly, there's so much to learn from the lady herself including from her motivational speech and the way she carries herself.

And, as a public motivational speaker, it was a natural process for Lisa Nichols to share her personal experience with the public and her admirer. Speaking of which, Nichols has never held back from sharing important stuff with fans, on an appropriate level. But, there's one thing, the personal life coach has never been comfortable to share.

Lisa Nichols; Mum To One, Who Is The Father Of Her Child?

Of course, Miss Nichols, in her most upfront self was friendly enough to share her personal struggle with her listener. And, other than her professional life as a motivational speaker and as a best selling author, the fans are well aware of the fact that she is also a mother to her beloved son, Jelani Nichols.

The happy and positive, motivational speaker, Lisa Nichols. SOURCE: Lisa Nichols Instagram

And, since Lisa is a single mother, the identity of Jelani's father is a matter of curiosity and interest for a lot of her admirer. Although the identity of Lisa's baby father is a mystery, it's disclosed that Lisa was only in her late twenties when she became pregnant with her first and only child with her former partner.

Unfortunately, life took a bad turn eight months later after Jelani was born. His father was arrested and sentenced to jail for an unrevealed reason, leaving Lisa, completely shattered with an infant child to take care of.

As things weren't so bright for Nichols, there was even a point when she had only $12 and struggled with affording a baby diaper for his toddler son. But, as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, those hardships are what made Lisa Nichols the woman she is today.

Lisa Nichols has her son, Jelani Nichols when she was 28. SOURCE: Lisa Nichols Instagram

The CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC then raised her son by herself, which is indeed a matter of pride. But, Lisa still had some unfinished business to do with the father of her child. And, years later in 2015 for her inner peace, Lisa had a chitchat with Jelani's father and vent all the suppressed frustration of years.

Lisa and the father of her child seemingly are on good terms but it's hard to figure out if they are still in touch.

Nichols Endured Abusive Relationship & Had Her First Date At 12

Besides, the author of 'No Matter What! 9 Steps to Living the Life You Love' once shared that she was only twelve years old when she went on her first date. And, although we can't tell much on her love life, one thing is certain that love life hasn't always been sunshine and bright for Nichols.

In a video shared on YouTube, Lisa once made a revelation that she, unfortunately, shared an abusive relationship with one of her former partners. The trauma she received from the toxic relationship was enough to put Nichols into depression.

The man she had an abusive relationship, however, isn't identified whether it was another man or the father of Jelani. Speaking of Jelani, his love life hasn't been easier either as his then-fiancee, now wife; Maya Jona had to undergo cancer treatment.

Although Nichols is yet to make a precise update on her daughter's in law's health, it seems as things are in good hands. And, in the meantime, Jelani, a professional chef, also helps his mother on her business by serving as the Director for Motivating the Teen Spirit.

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