Home Article Is Instagram sensation Princess Mae, 18, Dating Someone? The Mother Of One Lives A Low key Life

Is Instagram sensation Princess Mae, 18, Dating Someone? The Mother Of One Lives A Low key Life

Updated On 05 Apr, 2020 Published On 31 Jul, 2018
Is Instagram sensation Princess Mae, 18, Dating Someone? The Mother Of One Lives A Low key Life

Instagram sensation Princess Mae can go anyone crazy on her with her alluring body and attractive personality. She gained wide popularity when she became a mother of a cute little girl at an early age while in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

Instagram sensation Princess Mae is known for her alluring beauty and attractive personality. She gained wide popularity when she became the mother of a girl at an early age of 16.   

Who is the father of he child? Are they still together or is she dating someone new? We have all the details here. 

Princess Mae Personal Life

Princess Mae, the Philippine internet celebrity is currently in a romantic relationship with her mysterious boyfriend. The starlet is already a mother of an adorable baby boy. Who that lucky man who stole Princess Mae's heart?

Baby Ezekiel King Has Arrived!

Philippine internet sensation, Princess Mae gave birth to baby no. 2 Ezekiel King on April 1, 2020, at the hospital despite coronavirus crisis. Baby Ezekiel is the first child to Christopher but second to Princess Mae.

New Daddy Christopher alongside son Baby Ezekiel King.
SOURCE: Instagram

In addition to that, the YouTube star shared an astonishing snap of her newborn alongside beau Christopher via Instagram stories captioning "MyKings". She shared three pictures of her baby in the story.

Princess Mae welcomes Ezekiel King.
SOURCE: Instagram

Similarly, in the next picture Baby, Ezekiel King's been showered by a nurse in a bathtub. Meanwhile, revealing her cute son, Mae wrote, "Goodmorning World Meet My Baby Ezekiel King".

Most notably, the "Loving Us" creator made the happy news public to the media or Twitter, she disclosed it to her well-wishers on Instagram. In the very second trimester, Mae, as well as Chris, was in a dilemma whether the second one would be a girl or a boy, but her fans assured she would bring a boy.

Princess Mae Pregnant with Second Child

Philipino Instagram star Princess Mae is pregnant in real and she's expecting a baby with her boyfriend Christopher. Mae's pregnancy speculation started on 14 August 2019 while she did a YouTube video along with her brother Bretman Rock

In addition to that, her tweets and absence from YouTube have many fans wondering what might have happened. However, on September 21, the icon tweeted

"A sis is trying to catch the golden hour but nobody to take my pictures".

Mae, who's already the mother to a 3-year-old daughter Cleo Amore shared a sonogram of her baby via Instagram on September 28 captioning she can't wait to love him/her.

Princess Mae shares the sonogram of her second child.
SOURCE: Instagram

Similarly, Mae exposed her baby bump on October 8 saying she is in 2nd trimester. She will be welcoming her angel around January 2020. Christopher's darling is thankful for being the mother of God's most beautiful creation made from heaven.


Princess Mae, the social media phenomenon hasn't yet given birth to a baby. In fact, the 19-year-old has been flaunting her baby bump till 11 January 2020. In late September 2019, people began to speculate if Princess Mae broke up with her boyfriend Christopher. 

When the fans started speculating their separation, they started posting disappointing tweets. She even herself shared those heartbreaking texts on Twitter. Despite all the cheating rumors, she celebrated the New Year with Chris and their daughter. It seems those rumors were all hoaxes after all.

Princess Mae's Current Relationship Affairs

Princess Mae is now dating her current boyfriend, Christopher. He is originally from Santa Clara, California. Most notably, rumors regarding the internet celebrity swirled around the media after she took a video of herself with her boyfriend on YouTube. 

On 24th May 2019, Mae shared a video of the two which was titled "Do I Want To Marry Chris? Get to Know US Q&A v2. Mae and Chris were in a relationship for more than a year but they don't have an official start date. Princess met him at his house; Chris liked her quiet nature and height.

Princess Mae: The Mother-Of-One: Who Is The Baby's Father?  

Princess Mae, the popular Filipino Instagram came to the public platform after appearing on her brother's YouTube channel. Her brother, Bretman Rock is a popular Vine star and vlogger.    

Mae gave birth to her daughter Cleo on 31 October 2016. She was only 16 years of age when she became a mother.

Princess Mae with her daughter Cleo.
Source: Twitter

Above all, she never revealed the identity of her baby's father; her ex-boyfriend. Though she's no longer with the guy she loved, she said that she had the best time of her life when she was with him.  

Flaunting her baby bump back in May 2016, she posted an Instagram image where she explained how thankful she is for her ex-boyfriend for transforming her life and making her a good person.



A post shared by Princess Mae (@maelovecleo) on

She captioned,

"For the sake of this baby ??. I don't regret being with my eex-boyfriend. And during that time. I 've had the best times of my life with him. Even though we are no longer together, I'd at least like to honor how our relationship has helped me grow over time. I'm so happy that you came into my life, as flawed as I am, you accepted me and you help me shape into becoming a better person and I am grateful for that. You've taught me some things along the way and added more layers to my personality. Being with you motivated me to get back into school and you've inspired me with your quote " you'll be fine, believe in God ". These days, I am finally doing good in school and better myself and that was all influenced by you and for that, I am indebted to you. I will never stop appreciating you for it ."

Further, she explained,

"I'll respect your wishes and let you be. Whenever you need me, I'll be here. I am finally at peace with losing you because I'm just thankful I even had you for as long as I did. Perhaps I could have just sent this directly to you. But I've always been the kind of person who had no filter when it comes to expressing my feelings and people have seen our relationship over the years through countless pictures with paragraphs expressing how much you're worth to me, this is no different , I don't mind letting the world know that you still mean to me. There are many blessings that are coming our way ?we just need to hold on."

Her adorable daughter is nearly 2-year-old. Looking at her recent Instagram posts, we can clearly see the lovely mother-daughter bonding.

Back in October 2017, she posted an image with a guy named Aiziah. She clearly mentioned that he's not her daughters' father. 

As of now, she is fully focused on raising her baby girl and there are no reports of her dating someone new at the moment. 

Princess Mae's Career and Net worth 

Mae first appeared in her brother's first challenge video on YouTube in 2015. The video gained millions of views and became the turning point of her career. 


Watch me and @bretmanrock “ Never Have I Ever “ Video . Link in my bio ??

A post shared by Princess Mae (@maelovecleo) on

She gained wide recognition on her Instagram when she started flaunting her baby bump. She didn't reveal the name of her baby's father that made her even more popular on social media.

She's active on Instagram posting adorable images with her baby girl and comedy videos with her brother. As of July 2018, she has 1.5 million followers on her Instagram from where she definitely earns $300,000-$400,000 worth. 

Princess Mae is quite famous on social networking sites including Instagram and receives a tremendous sum from ads and endorsements too. As of August 2019. Princess amassed over 2 million followers on Instagram. She earns May $3,989.25 - $6,648.75.  per ads post. 

Princess Mae: Quick Facts

Source: Twitter

  • Born on 27 May 2000 in the Philippines.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • Her family moved to Hawaii when she was still a little girl.
  • She studied at James Campbell High School.
  • Princess Mae now has a fan page named "Maelovecleo".

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