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Elon Musk and Girlfriend Grimes Welcomed A Son

Updated On 05 May, 2020 Published On 05 May, 2020
Elon Musk and Girlfriend Grimes Welcomed A Son

Elon Musk and his partner, singer Grimes might be overwhelmed with Congratulations messages from their fans on the news of their newborn son.

The tech businessman confirmed the birth of his baby boy himself on Twitter. This is the fifth time Elon Musk became a father as he already shares six children including a twin with former and first wife, Justine Musk. His first child, Nevada Musk, however, died in 2002 from SIDS at only ten weeks old.

Musk shares his newest heir with his girlfriend of two years, Grimes, a Canadian singer whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher. Musk apparently shared the news with a fan who asked him to update on the delivery of his child by writing, "A few hours away!"

Elon Musk and his girlfriend Grimes welcomed a son. SOURCE: Twitter

A few moments later, the philanthropist replied to his own tweet to announce both the mother and the baby were 'good'. But, of course, the internet wanted more and many of them requested to see a picture of the child.

Musk had no choice than to grant their wish and proceeded to tweet a picture of his son with a tattoo filter applied to his face. Then answering to one of the fans, he said, "Thanks :) Never too young for some ink haha"

The father of now six was also delighted to share a picture of holding his son after one Twitter user told him, "A pic of you holding the baby would break the internet ... please share one,"

Elon Musk holds his sixth child he shares with girlfriend Grimes. SOURCE: Elon Musk Twitter

Boucher shared her pregnancy news only in January when she posted a topless photoshopped picture with the baby on her tummy on Instagram. The Oblivion singer also talked about her pregnancy experience with her fans on Twitter and shared that she didn't know what she was getting into.

Although she had complications in the early days, Claire's second trimester was easy. However, she started having issues in the 25th week. "I feel like I was woefully ill prepared cuz I dunno if pregnancy is as visible or discussed as it should be,'' wrote Grimes.

The singer, however, was against sharing the gender of the baby with her fans believing that the fate and the identity are something her child will decide themselves.

Musk and Grimes went public with their romance in 2018 at the Met Gala event and has been together ever since. The singer was upfront to discuss her relationship with Rolling Stone in March where she said that she does 'really love her boyfriend' although she didn't understand what she was getting into with dating a businessman.

As of now, Musk and Grimes are yet to share the name of their son. The South African-born, however, joked with fans that he named him 'X Æ A-12 Musk' in reference to one his girlfriend's song, 4ÆM.

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