Home Article Actress Sinead De Vries is possibly single. Know about her past affairs and dating life

Actress Sinead De Vries is possibly single. Know about her past affairs and dating life

Updated On 10 May, 2023 Published On 16 Apr, 2017
 Actress Sinead De Vries is possibly single. Know about her past affairs and dating life

Sinead De Vries is currently single and not dating anyone. Is she hiding a secret boyfriend, find out more.

When we hear the name, Sinead De Vries, we automatically make an image of a bubbly girl who loves eating donuts and playing on Xbox. The confidence she shows while interviewing big stars like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Keanu Reaves is very good.

The majority of her fan following wants to know about the relationship status of the 31-year-old hot actress. Want to know about her boyfriend or if she's dating someone, then scroll down below!

Sinead De Vries-Current Relationship Status             

Despite her nature, she's surprisingly quiet about her relationship or dating history. Beautiful and sexy actresses like Sinead tend to gain a lot of fame purely because of their physical appearance.

Sinead De Vries-Beautiful Brunette, Source: TwitterTwitter

But Sinead is an exception as her fans love her acting and sense of humor. The 37 thousand followers on her Instagram account explain it all.

Her Instagram pictures turn the temperature hot due to its nature. You do know what we mean by that, right?


Hair flipz are cuter on #vacation. #F21xME

A post shared by Sinéad de Vries (@sineaddevries) on

As of 2023, she is romantically involved with Nils Davey, and has a child together. 

Sinead De Vries - Secretly Dating Someone

Well, good news for you as Sinead is currently not seeing anyone or in a relationship right now. Although, this one time when she uploaded a picture of her with someone, it took the soul out of her fans. 


#silentnight @thejaysquared

A post shared by Sinéad de Vries (@sineaddevries) on

She didn't reveal anything about it and on top of that, the caption was very cryptic. But don't fret people as we did our homework and the guy is nothing but a friend.

Sinead with her twin sister Kelly, Source: YouTube

We say it because the guy's name is Jay and he's a transgender, so you got the idea!

Sinead at Comic Con Festival, Source: Pictaram

Our beloved actress is not linked with anyone and even if she does, we'll be the one to deliver the news firsthand. So the answer to our above question would be no, she's is single and not dating anyone.

Hurray!! to all of you Sinead fans out there. 

Sinead-Wonderful Career

Apart from her personal life, Sinead's professional life is much more evident to us. She's usually seen interviewing various celebs on the YouTube Channel ScreenJunkiesNews.

The girl who loves donuts, Source: Sinead De Vries

She worked in theaters on shows like Clueless and The Crucible.

Her skills are remarkable and this young lady didn't even sweat while interviewing these big stars. If you look closely you can see her confidence just blazing out of her face.

But it's all thanks to her fans as they are the one who stands out for her and continues to do so in the near future regardless of any hope of getting anything in return.

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