The audience still remembers Beth Ringwald for her appearance in movie Sixteen Candles. Since the actress starred only in a few films, there is no to very little information concerning her private life.

Fans are curious regarding the talented actress' relationship status. If you are one of them, don't worry, we've covered it all here, so stay with us.

Is Beth Ringwald Married?

Beautiful actress Beth Ringwald is often isolated from mainstream media. There is very little information regarding her personal life and her dating history is completely unknown to the public. 

In Facebook, there is a picture of Beth Ringwald with a man and by the comments, the man is her husband. The gorgeous actress most probably is married but regarding Ringwald's marriage, there are no media reports. Here is the picture of Beth with her loving husband Ken Carnes

Beth Ringwald and Ken Carnes

Beth Ringwald and Ken Carnes

Beth has mentioned herself 'married to Ken Carnes' on her Facebook profile so, we have no any doubts regarding her dating or romantic life. For some reason, Beth never talked about her love relationship in public till the date. In this picture, Beth looks happily married to Ken Carnes. They are leading a blissful conjugal life.

There is a lot more to know regarding Beth's secretive life. Beth posted a picture on Facebook of a young man, holding a baby and the caption says, the man is her son named Chance and the baby is her grandchild. 

Beth, a down-to-earth actress ironically left her fans wondering about her personal life. Hopefully, soon she will openly speak regarding it.

Further, Ringwald shared an image via Facebook sharing a passionate kiss with her husband Carnes. Well, all the things clearly show that she's a happily wedded woman.

We wish her all the very best for her future betrothal.

Beth Ringwald's Career Highlights 

The gorgeous American actress is known for her charming personality and acting skills, though she only did a handful of movies. Beth is best known for her role as Patty in the movie Sixteen Candles. In the movie, she starred with her actress sister Molly Ringwald

Charming Beth Ringwld

Charming Beth Ringwald

Beth Ringwald also appeared in a television film Crash Island in 1981. The film is about a plane crash leaving children, teens passenger, and the crew on an unknown island. Ringwald later starred in a crime-drama television series Fatal Vision in 1984.

But after that, there is no record of her working on any other projects. For some reason, Beth is keeping a low profile for a long time and seems she didn't enjoy Hollywood fame.

Beth Ringwald: Quick Facts

Beth Ringwald

  • She was born on 27 October 1964 in Roseville, California, United States.
  • Her birth name is Elizabeth Anne Ringwald.
  • Her parents are Robert Ringwald and Adele Edith Frembd.
  • Her siblings are  Molly Ringwald and Kelly Ringwald.
  • Her star sign is Scorpio.
  • Her net worth is still under review but her sister Molly has an estimated net worth of about $11 million.