Home Article Is Lauren Sivan Still Single Or Married? Know In Detail About Her Current Affairs And Relationship

Is Lauren Sivan Still Single Or Married? Know In Detail About Her Current Affairs And Relationship

Updated On 03 Sep, 2018 Published On 03 Sep, 2018
Is Lauren Sivan Still Single Or Married? Know In Detail About Her Current Affairs And Relationship

Age 40, beautiful Hollywood actress Lauren Sivan currently seems to be single; was engaged to Rick Leventhal but canceled their wedding; she accused producer Harvey Weinstein for masturbating in front of her in a restaurant; Lauren Sivan's married life, affairs, relationships, dating life,

The gorgeous former Fox News reporter, Lauren Sivan has been a heartthrob to a lot of people after she took a step further entering the Hollywood world with the movie, Drunk History.

Well, many of you are already aware of her engagement with former boyfriend Rick Leventhal but the wedding was cut off just so they could take more time to understand each other. Has the couple taken their relationship to nuptials or already parted their ways? 

Wanna know more about the beautiful reporter and actress?

Canceled Her Wedding With Rick Leventhal, Lauren Sivan Dating Anyone Lately?

Lauren Sivan wants to keep her personal life behind the eyes of the camera.

The 40-years-old actress seems not to be linked to anyone romantically. She has been a little secretive when it comes to her love life but it's not that she has never dated anyone.

Lauren Sivan

Sivan currently seems to be single and focused on her career
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Well, the reporter was engaged to a guy back in days. She was in a long-term relationship with the Fox News correspondent, Rick Leventhal. The couple dated for a few years before taking a step further in their relationship.

 Lauren Sivan

Sivan and Leventhal were engaged but canceled their wedding
Source: FoxNewsInsider

The former couple got engaged on September of 2005. They were all set for a beautiful wedding and announced they will tie the knot in February 2006 but well, things took an abrupt turn when they had a change of mood.

Their pre-planned wedding was canceled just a week before their decided date. Leventhal stated about the cancellation of the wedding,

“Our canceling the wedding had nothing to do with my bachelor party or her bachelorette weekend. We just decided to wait. We're still very much together. We went to South Beach together for a few days last week. We spend every possible minute together and that will absolutely continue."

Reports claim that the former couple still lived together till 2010 as they decided to wait for the right moment to take their relationship further. Since then there hasn't been any update about their relationship so we assumed that they parted their ways in 2010.


Looking for Lohan????

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Well, not too long ago, her tweet hinted that she might be anyone. Her tweet stated, "Sweet! My boyfriend Wants one!" but it is still unsure that her tweet is legit as the person she replied to had his account suspended.

Despite the tweet, she has not left any hint that could be helpful in tracking her boyfriend and let us hope that she reveals about her partner pretty soon.

Lauren Sivan Was Sexually Harassed By Producer Harvey Weinstein At A Restaurant, Masturbated In Front Of Her?

If you are a fan of the actress you might probably know that she was once sexually abused by producer Harvey Weinstein

The incident took place when she and some of her friends went to a popular Italian restaurant named Cipriani in Manhattan where she met with Weinstein. They went to a Cuban-themed restaurant afterward where Weinstein was the investor. 

Weinstein allegedly asked Sivan that if she wanted a tour of the restaurant where she agreed to him telling her friends to come to check on her if she did not come back in 10 minutes.

Weinstein and Sivan made small talks along the way of the kitchen. The restaurant was closed at the time and while they were inside the kitchen, Weinstein leaned in for a kiss but she ultimately rejected the kiss telling him that she was in a serious relationship. Weinstein allegedly stated,

“Well, can you just stand there and shut up?”

Following his statement, Weinstein exposed his genitals and started masturbating in front of her which came out to be a big shock for her. The incident was halted by a security guard.

The story just not ends here, Weinstein called her at the office the other day and asked her out once more and said he 'had a great time last night' during the phone conversation. 

According to Sivan, she has had no communication with Weinstein since the incident which took place in 2007.

Lauren Sivan: Quick Facts

 Lauren Sivan

Source: BusinessInsider
  • She was born on 6th April 1978.
  • Her birthplace is the United States.
  • Earned her bachelors degree from George Washington University.
  • Worked on a number of nationality syndicated programs including Good Day L.A and Red Eye with Tom Shillue.
  • Appeared on Megyn Kelly's Today Program.
  • Her birth sign is Aries.
  • Stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches.
  • Her net worth is still under review and is estimated to be in six figures.

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