Home Article 1.71 m Tall American Actress Christina Hendricks Married Relationship With Husband Geoffrey Arend; Their Plans for Babies?

1.71 m Tall American Actress Christina Hendricks Married Relationship With Husband Geoffrey Arend; Their Plans for Babies?

Updated On 02 Jul, 2019 Published On 06 Aug, 2018
1.71 m Tall American Actress Christina Hendricks Married Relationship With Husband Geoffrey Arend; Their Plans for Babies?

Often people do not believe in love at first sight and skepticism is understandable. However, sometimes the affection gets so strong at first glance - you can't help believe it's real.

Christina Hendricks certainly knows a thing a two about falling in love with a man at the first sight of him. The key is whether the love blossoms into something more meaningful and amazing. Luckily for Christina, it did.

Let's have a look at the blissful married relationship of this delightful couple, including their plans for children.

Christina Hendricks' Married Life With  Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks is married to her husband Geoffrey Arend since October 17, 2009. The wedding took place at II Buco in New York City. At the ceremony, the bridesmaids were dressed in vintage while the pair selected "Origin of Love" for their first dance.

Christina Hendricks with her husband Geoffrey Arend
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Earlier, the couple met thanks to the actress' co-star named Vincent Kartheiser who played Pete on Mad Men. Kartheiser introduced Christina and Geoffrey to each other at the Magic Castle, a private club in LA.

Speaking of their first meeting, Hendricks told Cosmopolitan:

"[We met] through Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell in Mad Men. Vinnie invited several friends to a place in LA called the Magic Castle – me being one."

The actress continued:

"Geoffrey walked in and I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’ He had amazing hair and was all disheveled – he was running late and everyone was waiting for him. He just came in with this very high energy."

Christina was already fascinated by the man and she wasted no time to get his contact number. She further revealed they both had gone through recent breakups at the time.

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The actress added Geoffrey was charming, funny and very magnetic. She made her move initially claiming to just be friends but googled him that night as soon as she went home.

The pair subsequently dated for three years before taking their wedding vows. Hendricks' sensuality was noticeable during her stint on Mad Men, but apparently, it's her husband who saw her sexy side first.

During an interview with Health, Christina revealed:

"Ha! Whenever we see something about it, he always says, “I told you from the beginning. I’m the one who called it first.” So he just wants a little credit. Really, he’s sweet and he’s happy for me."

Meanwhile, the couple is involved in the same industry and it is one of the biggest reasons for their amazing relationship. Christina reckons her husband appreciates her whether she is home and comfortable or when she's all dolled up and going to the party.

Arrend feels the same way. Speaking of the secret to their happy marriage, the actor said:

"We didn’t see each other for two-and-a-half weeks. That kind of thing happens sometimes, but we have a two-week rule. Two weeks can’t go by without us seeing each other, and that’s helpful for the mind and heart."

Geoffrey is talking about the fact that merely a day after their wedding, the couple both had to travel to different locations due to work commitments. Christina went to Atlanta while he went to Toronto.

The charming pair is carrying a 'two-week rule' ever since - two weeks can't pass without them seeing each other! No wonder they look a delightful couple!

The Adorable Couple Does Not Want Kids

It's not often you see a pair being reluctant to expand their family with cute little babies, but this adorable duo definitely feels different.

Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend do not want kids.
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Speaking on her plans for children, Christina said:

"We’ve decided that we are not really interested in having children. It seems like it’s expected that you’d want to have kids."

The actress continued:

“It’s just very normal for people to say, ‘Well, when you guys have kids…’ And then when I say, ‘Actually I don’t think we’re going to do that,’ people will say, ‘Oh, you say that now…'”

Christina added it doesn't bother her while admitting there's a small chance she could change her mind.

Meanwhile, the couple shares a cockapoo puppy to keep them busy. Christina says they named her Zuzu after a character in It's a Wonderful Life, and she claims it's like their baby.

In 2017, Hendriks talked about her decision to go public with her plans to be childless. She revealed it has won her high praise from others who feel the same way.

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The actress is thanked by people for her honesty, subsequently breaking the taboo surrounding couples who choose not to have kids.

Christina Hendricks: Quick Facts


Source: Mad Men Wikia - Fandom
  • Born on 3rd May 1975 in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • Her birth sign is Taurus.
  • Her parents are Robert Hendricks and Jackie Sue.
  • She has dual citizenships of the U.S. and U.K. from her father
  • She spent her early life as a child in Portland, Oregon, and Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • Naturally blonde, she dyed her hair red after watching Green Gable's Anne when she was 10.
  • She went to Fairfax High School.
  • She signed for a modeling agency aged 18 and moved to New York City.
  • She is best known for playing the role of Joan Harris in the TV Series Mad Men.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $10 million at present.
  • She has around 63.3k followers on Instagram.

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