Home Article 1.78 m Tall Canadian Director Eugene Levy Is Married To Deborah Divine Since A Long Time; Has A Son And A Daughter

1.78 m Tall Canadian Director Eugene Levy Is Married To Deborah Divine Since A Long Time; Has A Son And A Daughter

Updated On 17 Feb, 2020 Published On 30 Sep, 2018
1.78 m Tall Canadian Director Eugene Levy Is Married To Deborah Divine Since A Long Time; Has A Son And A Daughter

Couples that have stayed together for decades provide relationship goals to the regular public. It's even more impressive when the entire family carries amazing chemistry with one another. This can be seen in Eugene Levy's life in his relationship with his spouse and kids.

Levy has an amazing relationship with not just his wife of over four decades, but his children as well who are full grown-ups by now and are involved in the same industry like him, working in several projects together.


Eugene Levy's Married Life, Children

Eugene Levy is living a blissful marital relationship with his long-term girlfriend turned wife, Deborah Devine. The couple tied the knot in 1977 after kindling romance for several years.

Eugene Levy with his wife Deborah Devine
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By profession, Deborah is a screenwriter, production manager, and producer. The celebrity wife worked on movies such as The Edge of Night and TV show Schitt's Creek.

Speaking of Deborah Devine's fame in the entertainment industry she is not that famous as her spouse, yet she's in the industry. She prefers to spend a good time with her family in the meantime rather than getting busy with her job.

People may rarely find many photos of Divine online, nonetheless, they can notice her standing next to the casts of Schitt's Creek. Although the spouse of Dozen 2 star is not available on Instagram she does have a Twitter account.

The couple shares two children together, a son named Daniel Levy who was born on 9th August 1983, and a daughter named Sarah Levy who was born on 10th September 1986. Daniel, who came out as gay at the age of 19 is an actor, writer, producer as well as TV personality while Sarah is an actress.

Eugene Levy with his son Daniel Levy and daughter Sarah Levy
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Daniel and his father Eugene have also worked together on several projects, most notably CBC's sitcom Schitt's Creek. It is a comedy show created by the duo. They appear more like friends than father and son.

Even in the show itself, Eugene and Daniel play the role of father and son. Eugene stars as Johnny Rose, a highly wealthy video store magnate. Daniel plays the role of David Rose, Johnny's son who is a mega hipster in the series.

Currently, Daniel is not as acclaimed as his dad but his talent and work ethic are there for everyone to see. Levy, though, is very much attached to his wife and daughter as much as his son.

Daniel, the co-creator of the hit comedy Schitt's Creek and star alongside his father is often asked in multiple interviews how it feels like to be a son of such a famous comedian. He said,

"I’d love to regale you with stories of hilarious antics, but yeah, I got into trouble a lot. He made me do my homework. He grounded me."

Furthermore, he explained about his incredibly normal upbringing in Toronto. Eugene also said,

"It was a standard relationship. Yes, I would ground him. The thing was for us if you crossed the line, there was going to be some sort of punishment. It’s the way I was brought up, and it’s the way I brought up my kids."

Talking of the couple, there are no rumors of a conflict, so it appears they are living a blissful married life. Both their personal lives and professional careers seem commendable.

Eugene Levy Is An Autism Treatment Spokesman

Eugene Levy, well renowned as an actor and director, signed on as a spokesman for autism back in 2007. He called for a national strategy to provide aid to those unfortunate enough to be affected.

Eugene Levy is an autism treatment spokesman
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Levy said:

"I feel extremely passionate about the need for a national autism strategy. Canada is blessed in so many ways but somehow some of our most vulnerable citizens are being wrongfully neglected."

He continued:

"It is time to address this wrong and provide these individuals with the same access to medically necessary treatment that the rest of us enjoy throughout our lifetimes under our country's alleged universal health-care system."

Besides, this veteran actor is also a member of the Canadian charity Artists Against Racism.

Eugene Levy's Career

In 1976, Eugene Levy did his first TV Show titled SCTV. He followed this up with the role of Devid Grodin in the show titled Partners ‘N’ Love (1992). A decade later, he starred in Greg the Bunny (2002) as Gil Bender.

Actor, director, and musician Eugene Levy
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Eugene was the creator of the TV serial, Maniac Mansion. His notable TV shows include Package Deal and Schitt’s Creek where he played the role of McKenzie and Johny Rose respectively.

The actor's popular movies are Foxy Lady, Cannibal Girls, Running, Deadly Companion, Nothing Personal, Heavy Metal, Going Berserk, Splash, Club Paradise, Stay Tuned, American Pie series, The Man, Gooby, and Taking Woodstock.

One of Levy's most recent movies came out in 2016 titled Finding Dory. He provided the voice for Dory's father, Voi. A year later, he starred in Goon: Last of the Enforcers (2017) as Dr. Glatt.

Back in 2003, Levy was awarded The Grammy in the category of Best Song Written for a film of Motion Picture. It was for the title song of the movie A Mighty Wind. Levy received the award with his co-mates Michel McKean and Christopher Guest.

Some interesting facts of Eugene Levy


  • Born on 17th December 1946 in Canada.
  • His birth sign is Sagittarius.
  • He was born to a Jewish family where his father was a foreman at an automobile plant while his mother was a housewife.
  • He went to Westdale Secondary School before graduating from McMaster University.
  • He is best known for playing the role of Noah Levenstein in the American Pie film franchise.
  • He was the Vice President of his college's student film group where he became friends with moviemaker Ivan Reitman.
  • He often makes appearances in the mockumentaries of Christopher Guest, which includes A Mighty Wind, Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $18 million.

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