Home Article 22 Years YouTube Personality TheOdd1sOut Dating a Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

22 Years YouTube Personality TheOdd1sOut Dating a Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

Updated On 14 Jul, 2021 Published On 03 Feb, 2019
22 Years YouTube Personality TheOdd1sOut Dating a Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

Know about the dating life of the young Youtuber and animator James Rallison aka TheOdd1sOut. See if he is single or currently in a relationship with his fellow animator?

Viewers still get the chance to be greeted with a frivolous-looking cartoon figure, when James Rallison generically dances off his plain computer-generated characters on his Youtube channel, TheOdd1sOut. At such a young age he is already teaming up with a group of animation house’s big names from YouTube that includes TonyvToons, Jaiden Animations, and ItsAlexClark.

But recently, one among these three allies is grabbing a lot of attention for being too synergetic with Rallison. This, in turn, has trailed many fans of Rallison with the same question; Is Rallison in Love? So, if you too want to know whether the copper state’s boy is finally indulging himself in all that romance drama, then just follow the article below.

TheOdd1sOut's Girlfriend Details - Is he Dating?

It still is a long way ahead for the young internet artists and animator, James Rallison aka TheOddOnesOut. But he is already way too eccentric for his age given his speed drawing and prolific commenting on historical content over the online domain. And it has not been that long time since Rallison began to show himself in his videos.

Youtuber James Rallison.
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Recently aligned with Tumblr, he is now taking quite a big step towards imminent success. His reputation continues to grow even more in number since he began interacting with the fans. And provided how young and prime he looks James is already making the room of thousands of sweethearts even hotter.

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Yet one question still takes the poll all over Rallison’s fandom; who’s the one James actually has his eye on?

Well, it would be a while for Rallison to come out in open about this but boy does his fans let him get away with that. In fact, many have suspected of him being in a relationship with the fellow YouTuber and cartoonist, Jayden Animations (Jayden Dittfach).

And this name doesn’t happen to be just out of the blue. In fact, Jaiden is also a prominent animator on her own. She also holds her own cults on Youtube with the channel, iHasCupquake which currently holds over 5.6 million subscribers and 600+million views in total.

James Rallison (right) with Jaiden Dittfach.

And the digital cloud wizards have also collaborated on several videos but never even admitted anything that implies them dating and having an affair.

Jaiden is often seen covering video games, music and playing the piano on her channel. Her alleged fling with the Tumblr new heartthrob sparked, even more, when one of her fans Krille went on to ask Jaiden on Twitter if she and James were actually dating.

While doing so, Krille also teased the incident seeing the duo sitting quite cozily next to each other on one of FEB’s video on 23rd January 2018. However, neither James nor Jaiden commented even a bit on this.

For a while, the tabloids looked like they were stepping off of James and Jaiden’s chest with no further strong proof of them being actually in love.

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But as for James himself, the eyes flocked once again to him with the same old topic yet with a new tag on it. On February 4, 2018, James again appeared on Youtube.

However this time it was rather on somebody else’s channel. For starters, James’ fan would have led it to slide if it wasn’t for the video title (doing my boyfriend challenge ft TheOddsOneOut).

The video itself was enough to make the new headlines regarding James’ love diary but the very title only fueled the new supposed fling between Mikayla Snow (with whom James appeared on a video) and James. James as always remains very tight-lipped on this but Mikayla, on the other hand, is still playing hardball of yesses and no’s with her fans.

Is James Rallison aka TheOdd1sOut Racist?

In 2019, youtber TheOdd1sOut aka Robert James Rallison came under scrutiny for racist claims by the netizens of the internet. Apparently, people had noticed some 'racist' remarks in one of his videos posted online in January 2019.

TheOdd1sOut was called upon his 'racist' works by netizens. SOURCE: Instagram (theodd1sout_daily)

As posted on the video titled 'Hobbies', the audience can be hear the characters saying, "so wait the two most dangerous spiders in North America are the brown recluse and the black widow… What are you trying to say about dangerous colors America?"

That's not at all, some people also noticed his racism against the Asians, specifically the Chinese in one of his memes that showcased a girl wanting a little brother for Christmas and ends up getting one 'Made in China'.

Some people, however, didn't think TheOdd1sOut was making any racist remarks nor that he was a white Supremacist, as per a debate on Reddit. The YouTuber is yet to make any comments over the allegation on racism.

How James Rallison Got His Start?

Arizona native James Rallison, 22, initially started his career inspired by a simple stick figure. Rallison always liked comics and even started making his own stick figure comics when he was still a child.

James Rallison

Through making these figure based comics, Rallison learned a lot on how to structure his jokes. It wasn’t until Rallison 16th birthday when he knew that mere superficial characters could make him so popular. As when Rallison received a drawing tablet for his birthday, he soon improvised his set-to-go stick figures into a bunch of cartoon characters.

He then went on to put his comics up on Tumblr because it was the pros of this microblogging site from whom Rallison got his inspiration in the first place.

“Tumblr always has a special place in my heart because that is like my hometown and then I moved to the big city of YouTube,”

Rallison said in the interview with the collegeiatelive. As for YouTube’s journey, Rallison always used to watch other people’s channels, which ultimately led Rallison to make his own shot in the streaming site. And hence in 2014 the channel, TheOddsOneOut was born.

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Fast forward to 5 years and Rallison is already among animators poised for mainstream success. Rallison even put his college on hold for this dream gig of his. He even went bold with his parent for this,

“Hey, I’m only spending about 20% of my time at school, I’m not doing the homework at all,”

Rallison recalling on what he actually told his parents over a phone call prior to the birth of his channel. Fortunately, Rallison parents believed in their son and as of now, TheOddsOneOut is surging over 10+ million subscribers on Youtube.

Besides, virtualizing comedies Rallison is also an adept writer. His notable work as an author includes The Odd 1s Out: How to Be Cool and Other Things I Definitely Learned from Growing Up, which was released on July 31, 2018. The book came in #12 in the "trade paperback" category on Publishers Weekly's August 13, 2018 bestseller list.

Quick Fact: James

  • Rallison(TheOddsOneOur) James Rallison was born on May 4, 1996, in Arizona, USA.
  • Rallison also owns a sequel channel for TheOddsOneOut called TheOddsTwoOut.
  • The frequent stuttering in Rallison's speech is due to his condition of Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD).
  • Rallison stands at a height of 5ft 10 inches.
  • James Rallison owns an estimated net worth of around $2-3 million.

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