When you are doubtful whether you'll ever be fully ready for the long-term commitment of marriage, then bump into a person who makes you get rid of any skepticism you carry - one can instantly tell they are made for each other.

Mark Cuban is enjoying a beautiful married life with his wife of nearly two decades. Let's get more details about their marital relationship, their numerous children, as well as one not so beautiful sexual assault scandal.

Mark Cuban's Blissful Married Life With Tiffany Stewart

Mark Cuban is married to the beautiful Tiffany Stewart. The couple tied the knot in September 2002 in Barbados. The wedding ceremony was a low-key affair consisting of merely 20 people.


Mark Cuban with his lovely wife Tiffany Stewart
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Talking of the wedding, their event planner told ESPN:

“It was a very traditional, very elegant, beautiful wedding and reception."

Interestingly, just two years prior to them taking their wedding vows, Cuban told the New York Times profile that he could not see himself getting married anytime soon as he believed it was an extremely serious commitment.

At the time, Tiffany seemed to echo her future husband's thoughts when she said: 

“I always know I’m not going to be No. 1.”

As it turned out, the pair embraced each other as life partners as they were just that much in love and felt compatible with each other.

Mark and Tiffany are together for over two decades now. They first met each other at a gym in 1997. During the time, Tiffany was working in sales at an advertising agency.

The couple soon sensed a brewing connection as they started going on dates. The pair dated for five years before getting married in 2002. Interestingly, Cuban is 14 years older than his lovely wife Stewart.

Tiffany initially had trouble getting used to a lifestyle of upper-class people. She is reported to be a humble person and it was difficult for her to adjust to the lifestyle of a billionaire.

During an interview with The New York Times in 2000, she said Cuban's Texas mansion is impractical and extravagant and she wouldn't have bought it herself.

Meanwhile, the delightful couple shares three children together, two daughters named Alexis Cuban (born in 2003) and Alyssa Cuban (born in 2006), and a son named Jake Cuban (born in 2010).

Mark Cuban with his wife and children
Source: Business Insider

Both the parents claim they do not want to spoil their kids or make them feel entitled. Mark said:

"After their health failing, my greatest fear in life — and I’ve said this to my 11-year-old daughter and have obviously talked about it with my wife, Tiffany — is that I don’t want them to be entitled jerks."

Moreover, Cuban told Business Insider he does not come home with expensive presents for the kids. He prefers to instill the feeling that they must make something of themselves.

The pair currently resides in a mansion in Dallas, Texas, the same one Stewart called impractical in 2010. During an interview with People magazine, Cuban claimed the pair's life changed after having kids as it finally made more sense and practical living in such an enormous house.

Cuban said:

"The biggest change in my life since I moved in here 14 years ago is, of course, the kids. I didn’t even go up to the second floor of this place for years until we had kids."

The couple is currently enjoying a blissful married life along with three adorable kids. There have never been any reports of any conflict between the pair as their relationship is going as smooth as silk and likely to do so for the foreseeable future.

Mark Cuban Accused Of Sexual Assault In 2011

Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban was once accused of sexual assault in 2011. As per reports, the woman accused Cuban of sexually groping her while they were posing for pictures at a nightclub in Portland.

Mark Cuban Accused of sexual assault in 2011
Source: Complex

No charges were filed, although one of the pictures was described as "significant" by one detective. Later, during a phone conversation with one of the detectives Cuban reportedly denied the allegation but said: "Fuck me! I'm so fucked."

The case was referred to the Portland District Attorney's office. They declined to prosecute as there was not enough evidence to support the claim nor contradict it. On 8th May 2018, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced they were reviewing the matter.

Mark Cuban: Quick Facts


Source: Forbes
  • Born on 31st July 1958 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • His parents are North Cuban and Shirley Cuban.
  • His father was an automobile upholsterer.
  • He was raised in the suburb of Mount Lebanon in a Jewish family.
  • His maternal grandparents hailed from Romania.
  • He sold garbage bags to pay for a pair of expensive basketball shoes when he was just 12.
  • When he was 16, he ran newspapers from Cleveland to Pittsburg during the Pittsburg Post-Gazette strike.
  • He went to the University of Pittsburg where he joined Pi Lambda Phi International Fraternity.
  • He is a diehard fan of NFL team Pittsburg Steelers.
  • He graduated from the Kelley School of Business in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Management.
  • He sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.9 billion in 1999.
  • Before getting into high tech companies, he was a bartender, disco dance instructor, and party prompter.
  • He played the role of President Marcus Robbins in the film Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015).
  • He played as himself in the HBO Series Entourage alongside Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven.
  • He purchased the NBA franchise Dallas Mavericks in 2000.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $4.9 billion.