Home Article 64 Years American TV Personality Jon Taffers' Longtime Married Relationship With Wife Nicole Taffer And His Past Affairs

64 Years American TV Personality Jon Taffers' Longtime Married Relationship With Wife Nicole Taffer And His Past Affairs

Updated On 24 Jan, 2019 Published On 14 Dec, 2018
64 Years American TV Personality Jon Taffers' Longtime Married Relationship With Wife Nicole Taffer And His Past Affairs

If you are a celebrity or somehow related to a celebrity, forget about your privacy being safe online. Jon Taffer and Nicole Taffer seem to be able to stay behind the closed door yet letting the world know about their married relationship.

Jon and Nicole's relationship is a living example of what a relationship should be unlike most of the Hollywood celebrities. Their relationship is still healthy despite being married for years now. To find out more about their relationship, read further below.

Jon Taffer Longtime Relationship with Nicole Taffer

Jon Taffer and Nicole Taffer got married in 2000 but the couple was together earlier than that. It is rumored that the couple has been together for over 22 years now as Joe was seen tweeting his wife a valentine message.

Jon Taffer, Nicole Taffer, and Samantha Taffer
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The couple doesn't look keen on providing their personal information on social media but it is well known to the world that the couple is happily married. They mostly post about their work rather than posting about what food they eat, or where they go, etc.

Jon Taffer and Nicole Taffer in a photoshoot
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The TV personality stars in the show called Bar Rescue. His wife, Nicole also occasionally appears on his show. He is also called as the Gordon Ramsey of Bar by the fans because of his shouting and heated behavior. His shouting and heated behavior are just on-screen as he looks like a calm person in real life.

The information of Jon dating anyone before Nicole is barely findable, but there is a rumor that he dated someone before Nicole.

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Whether the former couple called it quits or what happened between the two is still at large. Well, for now, it seems Jon and his wife are in for a long run and we wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Jon Taffer's Career; Daughter's Marriage

Jon Taffer's a well-known TV personality who came to prominence from the show, Bar Rescue. Jon started appearing on it since 2011. Besides from appearing on a TV, Jon is also an entrepreneur. He started his first ever bar in the '80s.

Jon Taffer on photo for Bar Rescue
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It wasn't easy for him, however. It is said that he didn't get into the business overnight. He lost over $600,000 in the process. The first ever bar he opened by himself was in 1989. He has opened so many bars which have given him enough experience to help others. 

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And that's exactly what the show, Bar Rescue does. Bar Rescue basically asks struggling bar owners to submit their application and they get to feature in the show and lucky ones get a free consultation. He is also an author of the book "Raise the Bar."

Lucky for him, he's generated a staggering net worth of over $10 million till now from his show and bars' business.

Samantha Hanley, Cody Hanley, and their dog

Besides his business activities, he also has a daughter, Samantha. She was married to Cody Hanley on 15 September 2015. The relationship between Jon and his daughter is excellent. In fact, Jon says there is nothing as precious as Samantha to him.

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The couple, Jon and Nicole seem to have a stable personal life and with their only child being married, there's one less person to worry about.  

Jon Taffer: Wiki

  • He was born on 7th November 1954, in New York.
  • He is born to mother Yvette Taffer.
  • He is a TV personality, author and entrepreneur.
  • He owns over $10 million.

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