Popular chef Michael Symon successfully got married to Liz Shanahan and now is looking at the best couple with their common choices. They look brilliant in their family and unique food choices. Their taste is quite similar to each other and loves to make a try of new dishes as such. Symon has established many restaurants with the help of his loving wife Liz. Being an award-winning chef credits all his success towards her wife and further declares proud to stand as her husband. Having one stepson of Symon he accepted Shanahan as his wife and the baby boy was only 2 years old in his age.

Michael has an amazing cooking technique. His cooking therapy is all credited to her wife. According to one interview, Symon stated, his wife helps him to dictate for any type of new taste along with the variety within it. Michael is a highly future-oriented person; every step in his life took in regard to his children and wife. He has never planned to get separated or expecting divorce from his wife whom he had a long affair. This 46 years man states his net worth has increased in the current years as compared to the previous one. Being a successful chef he has around 4 million American Dollars net worth in the current year 2015 and is been increasing its order.

He has never dictated any name of his children, nor ever have children or not. He also cooks for his family as well as the favorite dish for his wife. According to Michael Symon, his wife loves eating pizza. According to him, he adds the flavor of love to the pizza that makes the dish more delicious and tasty. He often organizes a family gathering and serves the best dishes he makes brilliantly. Liz is a helping hand of him. She serves and helps her in his cooking. Wow! So lucky couple.