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Who is Woody Harrelson Married to? Everything to Know

Updated On 01 Mar, 2023 Published On 01 Mar, 2023
Who is Woody Harrelson Married to? Everything to Know

Inside Woody Harrelson's married life and his romantic history: The Oscar-nominated actor has been married twice.

Known for his stellar acting credits in Wildcats, Cool Blue, White Men Can't Jump, Indecent proposal, and more, Woody Harrelson is a three-time Oscar-nominated actor. A staple on the both small and silver screen, Harrelson's career spans over three decades and continues to thrive. Since rising to fame with his fan-favorite character, Woody Boyd, on the NBC sitcom, Cheers, for which he won an Emmy, Harrelson has carved out a beloved public persona.  

Woodrow Tracy Harrelson was born on July 23, 1961, in Midland, Texas, to secretary Diane, and an infamous father, Charles Voyde Harrelson. Woody's life before stardom holds a dark history as his father, a convicted hitman, was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of federal judge John H. Wood Jr. The Oscar-nominated actor has been married twice and he shares three daughters with his second wife.  

Woody Harrelson's Wife!   

It has always been Laura Louie for the Cheers actor, even with his first marriage, which was a sham (we'll get back to it later). Harrelson has been happily, and more importantly, stably married to Louie since 2008. The enduring couple's lasting marriage hits the headline again as the team, along with their daughters, hit the red carpet during the premiere of Woody's new movie, Champions, in New York City on Monday night. A source reported that the family's graceful red-carpet appearance was followed by a late-night party at Ascent Lounge at the Time Warner Center.   

Woody Harrelson is a three-time Oscar-nominated actor.  SOURCE: Instagram

Woody met Louie when she was hired to be his assistant in 1987; the actor had pretty much made his way into the A-list category. The two eventually started dating but kept it a secret for three years. The Oscar-nominated actor explains, "It was one of those things I wouldn't admit to myself: I didn't want to be attracted to my amazing assistant." It might have been professionally inappropriate for both involved, but as they say, the heart wants what it wants.   

Woody has been married to Laura Louie since 2008.  SOURCE: Instagram

The Cool Blue actor was smitten by his assistant-turned-girlfriend that he even penned a song for her at some point in their relationship. Recalling lines of his gushy song, Woody reads out,  "I'm only 28, but I'm bored with everything I do. / I've got nothing when I'm not next to you. Are you thinking about me, baby? / Cause I'm thinking about you." The pair went on to welcome three daughters, Deni, 30, Zoe, 26, and Makani, 16, and finally decided to tie the knot in 2008.    

Laura was Harrelson's personal assistant.  SOURCE: Instagram

Harrelson and Louie have navigated some hard times and some disgracing scandals throughout their relationship. Woody's fans know Louie as a compassionate and composed woman who stood by Harrelson during the hardest time of their life. In 2002, Woody was caught in a foursome scandal when the actor was snapped having an intimate time with three women. Although any woman would've been calling it off upon such news, Woody reveals, Laura had the complete opposite reaction.  

Woody and Laura are parents to three daughters.  SOURCE: Instagram

"This really gives you a sense of the depth of her compassion," Harrelson says while recounting Louie's reaction. He adds, "what she said to me after finding out was, 'That must be really hard for you, to have this s— exposed.' Woody probably decided then and there that Laura was the one for him as the two have been inseparable ever since. Besides being the woman behind the Oscar-nominated actor's success, Laura is the co-founder of an organic food delivery service named Yoganics.  

Woody Harrelson's First Marriage!  

The White Men Can't Jump actor has only ever been with two women, at least, officially. One is his wife, Laura, and another is, his first wife, Nancy Simon, whose name might not ring a bell, but her father's will. Simon was the daughter of the legendary playwright Neil Simon. Why the Texas-born actor married Nancy is still a mystery but one thing the world knows about it is that it was a sham that got accidentally got extended for too long.   

Woody has been married once before.  SOURCE: Instagram

Harrelson was a newcomer in the industry and was yet to land his breakthrough when he grabbed a role of an understudy in Neil Simon's [play] Biloxi Blue. The opportunity also brought the aspiring actor close to Neil's precious daughter, Simon, who seemingly formed a close bond with the actor. At some point in their platonic relationship, or so we believe, Woody and Nancy decided to walk down the aisle as a joke and get divorced the day after.   

And so the Wildcats actor and Nancy tied the knot in Tijuana in 1985. But when the two went to get their whimsical marriage annulled the next day, they found the office closed. Woody and Simon ended up being legally married for ten months before they could get a divorce. As per Woody, their playful act didn't sit right with Neil, who thought that Harrelson, who was still away from rising to fame, might come for his money. Woody proved Neil's fear and suspicions wrong when he let go of his daughter's hand and found his fame shortly.  

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