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Laura Louie; Wife of Woody Harrelson; see her Married life with Husband and three Children

Updated On 08 Mar, 2019 Published On 23 Jul, 2017
Laura Louie; Wife of Woody Harrelson; see her Married life with Husband and three Children

Laura Louie, the second wife of Woody Harrelson is living happily with her husband even after years of their relationship with three daughters.

Beautiful couple, Laura Louie and Woody Harrelson are together since 1987 and are still so much in love. They also have three children together and are giving us some serious relationship goals. 

Laura Louie And Woody Harrelson's Married life

"26 years is not a joke. Isn't it?"

Laura Louie and her future husband Woody Harrelson met for the first time in the year 1987 when she worked as Harrelson's assistant.

Lara and Woody married on 28th December 2008, where Laura was in a white wedding dress and Woody was wearing a short-sleeved Hawaiian aloha shirt with cream trousers.

Their wedding ceremony was held at the couple's home in Maui with the guests Willie Nelson, Sean Penn, and Owen Wilson and others.

The wedding ceremony can be a lavish one for some. People can spend as much as $40,000 in the marriage. The star just spent around $500 at his wedding. Talking about the same occasion, he said,

"The least expensive things can be the most personally rewarding. Take my wedding, for example."

He continued,

"Wedding rings can be extremely expensive, but ours were only about $300 each."

Laura and Woody with their child at the NY film festival
Source: Huffington Post

They first met during the casting of the TV show named, Cheers and started dating.

The husband and wife together in an event
Source: CNBC

The Couple Is Blessed With Their Three Children; Daughters

The couple welcomed their children before marriage. Their first child was born on 28th February 1993 named, Deni Montana, 25. Whereas, second child on 22nd September 1996 and named her as Zeo Giordano, 21.

Finally, they completed their family after the birth of their third child named, Makani Ravello

Woody with his daughter, Deni
Source: Blinded by the light

''There is so much feminine energy around. I mean I've got three daughters, then my wife, and the nanny, and my dog is female and our two kittens are female. I feel just like drop-smack in the middle of all these amazing goddesses.''

His statement proves that he hugely respect the female member and has a strong feeling towards feminism.

Keeping his acting duties aside, the five Emmy Award-nominated actor enjoyed a holiday with his wife and their youngest daughter in Italy in June 2018. Laura seemed relaxed when she linked arms with her actor husband.

Woody with his small daughter
Source: Tribute

Laura's Husband, Woody Was Arrested Several Times

Woody was arrested several times. He was once caught dancing in the middle of the street and was arrested for the disorder conduct as he also ran from the police at the same time but was released soon after paying some compensation.

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Moreover, he was again sentenced to jail because he challenged the state by planting four hemp seeds that did not differentiate between marijuana and hemp. 

So, he was arrested for planting the hemp seed and was released with $200 on bail.

Woody in front of the jail
Source: The Verge

Woody was caught again for the third time in 2002 in the case of a taxi. He was again released on the bail paid to the taxi driver at $844.

In 2008, he was lawsuit this time by a TMZ photographer named, Josh Levin in the accusation of attacking him outside a Hollywood nightclub. Again he was charged $2.5 million and sacked the case in 2010.

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By getting inspired by the story of him, a movie was made titled, the worst night of my life.

One of the scene from the movie, the worst night of my life
Source: Daily Mail

Despite these, all incident and rumors the duo is still together and is happy even after the 26 years of relationship. 

They still spotted together roaming with hand to hand in the street which shows the deep love towards each other. 

Laura and Woody walking around Soho with hand to hand, Source: Daily Mail

Laura Louie: Quick Facts


Laura in Ravello My favorite person in my favorite place

A post shared by Woody Harrelson (@woodyharrelson) on

  • Born on the 1960s and might be from different descent.
  • Met her current husband on the set of Cheers where she worked as an assistant for two years.
  • Has three daughters.
  • Married on 28th December 2008 at their house in Maui.
  • Is the second wife of his husband after Nancy Simon.
  • Is a co-founder of Yoganics, an organic food delivery system along with her husband.
  • Started a page or a campaign named, Voice Yourself to protest against the pollution.
  • Her husband has an estimated net worth of $65 million.
  • Volkswagen Beetle, Tesla Model S, BMW are some of the collection of vehicles of her and her husband.

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