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A Blissful Love Story Of Tawny Janae & Boyfriend Jesse Michael Wellens

Published On 14 Jan, 2020
A Blissful Love Story Of Tawny Janae & Boyfriend Jesse Michael Wellens

You definitely attract what you want. To support the statement, meet Tawny Janae, an Instagram model who has been dating boyfriend, Jesse Michael Wellens, a YouTube celebrity.

Only last year in November 2019, Tawny Janae and Jesse Michael Wellens celebrated their first anniversary. And, with the way, the two have been in love, one can surely guess, there will be countless more in the future.

Tawny Janae First Met Jesse Wellens 2018

The Instagram model and her partner are believed to have met somewhere in mid-2018. Although the young love birds prefer to keep the beginning phase of their relationship and how their love story began as secretive as possible, it didn't take long for Tawny to expose the happy news to her fans.

Tawny Janae and her boyfriend, Jesse Wellens. SOURCE: Tawny Janae Instagram

And, in November, the stunning Yoga enthusiast decided to break the news and made her relationship with her beau public by sharing a lovey-dovey picture on social media. Since then, the duo has never looked back and is growing stronger than ever.

Not to mention, on the occasion of 2020 New Year, Tawney shared a series of adorable pictures with Jesse to honor her boyfriend by letting him and her fans know how much he means to her.

In her words, Janae captioned the pictures where fireworks sparked in the background whilst the couple in love celebrated with a glass of hard drink as huge smiles formed their faces, with:

"I am grateful for moments like these where things just seem to fall into place unexpectedly. I am grateful to be alive, for my breath, to be in love, but most importantly for my family & friends. This year I will continue to find ways to give back/ show up powerfully, to push myself & to keep chipping away at my goals"

Of course, Jesse didn't forget to hop up in the comment section to give express his love as he sweetly replied with "The most adventurous year of my life."

Tawny Janae and Jesse Wellens celebrate New Year 2020. SOURCE: Tawny Janae Instagram

Meanwhile, Janae's past affairs and history remain a mystery. But, Mr. Wellen is already prominent and known for his relationship with other women including his former girlfriend, Jeana Smith

Tawny's Partner Is A Divorced Man

Before fate united the PvP creator with his current girlfriend, Jesse famously dated ex, Jennifer 'Jeana' Smith. As a matter of fact, the former couple altogether made their YouTube channel PrankvsPrank, which has been viewed more than a billion times.

Jesse Wellens pictured with his ex, Jeana Smith. SOURCE: People

Precisely, Jesse first met Jeana at a restaurant where he was alongside his friends. And to your surprise, he even left a number for Jeana with her friend. But, Jeana never called made a call. A while after, Jesse and Jeana, once again, met at Dunkin' Donuts from where their love story began. Unfortunately, Jennifer and Jeana broke up in 2016.

Besides, it's also reported that Wellens was previously married to another woman, the mother of his daughter, the couple left for adoption, before he met Smith. However, there's no strong evidence to support the rumors. Whatsoever, everything is just a history left behind in the past.

After all, all that now matters is the love that exists between Tawny and Jesse.

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