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A Wonderful Married Life Of Matt Eby With Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi

Published On 10 Jan, 2020
A Wonderful Married Life Of Matt Eby With Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi

It's not everyone and every day you get to wake up beside the love of your life and your two budding children. But, it's also not everyone that get's to marry such elegant and talented correspondent, Sharyn Alfonsi.

Yes, Matthew 'Matt' Eby is indeed the lucky man who shares a blissful married life, to say the least, with the ever beautiful and bold Sharyn Alfonsi, who shall need no introduction. As a matter of fact, Mr. and Mrs. Eby have been together for more than two decades. Now, talk about a successful marriage.

Matt Eby & Sharyn Alfonsi; Find How Their Love Story Began

Of course, the CBS correspondent who received an Emmy nomination for her work on 60 Minutes and Matt, both, prefers to ever make a fuss regarding their personal life matter and keep them closer to their vest. But, in an old interview, Alfonsi remained upfront enough to share a little glimpse of her background story with her partner.

Sharyn Alfonsi has been married to Matt Eby for two decades. SOURCE: ABC

Being married for over twenty years, Matt and Sharyn have been together for more than twenty years, though. As a matter of fact, the lovely couple met through a mutual friend in Washington, DC, whilst the journalist was a struggling student at the University of Mississippi.

Alfonsi's husband, however, belongs to a different profession as he is a Naval Academy graduate. And, within their first meeting, Eby was intrigued by Alfonsi's outgoing and striking personality. Before he could realize, Matt was in love with Sharyn and didn't wait forever to ask her out.

A few dates later, Matt and Sharyn came out as a couple. Not long after that, Matt knew he needed to make the serious step of their relationship, which he eventually did. And, somewhere in between mid-nineties and the late nineties, Sharyn put on her white bridal dress to exchange the marital vows with the love of her life.

Matt Eby is a former Navy officer. SOURCE: Sharyn Alfonsi Instagram

The then-young love birds' dream came true. To exchange the holy marital vows in the presence of their family and close friends to make their marriage official was somewhat no less than a fantasy. It was a moment of tears and happiness, both.

Alfonsi & Eby Starts Their Family

Matt and Sharyn had their priority and future plans sorted out. And, that plan didn't include to start a family right away. As observed, Alfonsi focused on her career, from working low-paying jobs that shaped her profession which landed her a job at high-profile companies such as CBS and ABC.

Sharyn Alfonsi's husband Matt Eby with their children. SOURCE: Sharyn Alfonsi Instagram

Speaking of their children, the Ebys became ready to start their family in the late 2000s.  The couple's first son who they named Wyatt Eby entered their world in 2010. Knowing such a blissful taste of motherhood, Alfonsi wanted to grow her family descendants.

Not more than two years, the 60 Minutes contributor then became pregnant with her second child, a daughter named Flynn Eby who they welcomed in 2012. Alfonsi, who grew up in Virginia and her husband, has been raising her children in New York, something the couple finds utterly weird. 

As answered in an interview, the happy mother taught her son whose first word was 'taxi', the 'Hotty Toddy' song. The parents, however, seldom share pictures of their kids, though. 

On the other side, marriage hasn't always been sunshine for the couple, especially regarding the tough tasks Alfonsi's job brings her. For instance, she once had to farewell her husband when he covered the Israel-Lebanon war as rockets started to attack the bunker the journalist and her crew stayed at.

Fast forward today, things look great for the Ebys.

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