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Abigail Cruttenden & Jonathan R. Fraser Lowkey Life; Actress Previously Married To Sean Bean

Updated On 22 Dec, 2023 Published On 01 Mar, 2020
Abigail Cruttenden & Jonathan R. Fraser Lowkey Life; Actress Previously Married To Sean Bean

There's a happily ever after for every woman. Sooner or later, every girl will eventually find the love of her life, even if it means enduring multiple failed relationships and marriages.

Actress Abigail Cruttenden, likewise, suffered a divorce before the universe finally united her with the true love of her life with whom she has been together for nearly a whopping two decades. But, before she met her person, the Richmond-born actress was married to renowned actor Sean Bean.

Abigail Cruttenden & Sean Bean Were Married For Two Years

There must be a few fewer people who don't recognize the name Ned Stark, one of the short-lived protagonists in George R.R. Martin's classic turned HBO hit television series; Game of Thrones. And, the role was portrayed by none other than Bean who is also prominent for his appearances in The Lord of the Rings and Patriot Games.

Abigail Cruttenden and actor Sean Bean at their wedding. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, Cruttenden who is better known for her performance in Not Going Out and Jane Eyre met Bean, an already two times divorcee in 1993 while working on the set of Sharpe where she played his on-screen wife; the role of Jane Sharpe whilst Sean took over the role of Richard Sharpe. Needless to say, it was whilst working on the project together, that Abigail and Sean became closer and ultimately fell in love.

Cruttenden and Bean dated for several years before they decided to walk down the aisle in November 1997. Bean's daughters; Lorna and Molly Bean from his second marriage to Stardust actress Melanie Hill served as the bridesmaids at their wedding. Cruttenden was 29, whilst her groom was 38.

Evie Natasha Bean is the daughter of Abigail Cruttenden and Sean Bean. SOURCE: Evie Natasha Bean Instagram

Cruttenden looked stunning in a white bridal plunging gown accompanied by an enormous lovely flower crown whilst Sean looked handsome in a black tuxedo. And, not long after their wedding, Abigail became pregnant with Sean's child, Evie Bean, born on 6th November 1998. Evie attended the University of Bristol.

Their marriage, however, couldn't succeed in blossoming for eternity as they parted ways when Evie was only a few months old. Bean and Cruttenden's marriage's divorce was finalized in 2000. Since their separation, Bean went on to marry twice with his current relationship counting to Ashley Moore.

Sean Bean and his fifth wife, Ashley Moore. SOURCE: Zimbio

As for Abigail, she tied the knot for the second time with her current husband three years later since her separation from Bean.

The Benidorm Star is Happily Married With Her Husband Jonathan R. Fraser

After her divorce, Abigail Cruttenden met her real Prince Charming; the knight in shining armor, Jonathan R. Fraser whom she tied the knot in 2003. Since her separation from Bean, Abigail preferred to keep her personal life extremely private. Clearly, in comparison to Bean whose relationships are known to the public, the case doesn't match with Cruttenden.

Merle Fraser is the daughter of Abigail Cruttenden and Jonathan R. Fraser.  SOURCE: Merle Fraser Instagram

Cruttenden and her spouse, Jonathan R. Fraser, both share a strong aversion to the scrutiny of public attention. Not to mention, the Citizen Khan star even has her social media on private mode. Abigail and her spouse Jonathan are blessed with a daughter named Merle Fraser. The husband and wife duo have been married for twenty years and there is no news of separation or divorce between them. Hopefully, everything is going well! 

Elder Sister Of Hal Cruttenden; Their Mother Died From Brain Tumor

It's sort of surprising for a lot of fans who still have no idea that Cruttenden is the sister of actor and comedian Hal Cruttenden who is credited for his roles in Britain's long-running soap opera; EastEnders and Kavanagh QC.

Abigail Cruttenden alongside her brother, Hal Cruttenden. SOURCE: Hal Cruttenden

And, unlike his older sister, Hal is pretty active with social media where he updates his whereabouts. He is married to his wife Dawn Coulter-Cruttenden whom he dearly calls Dawnie. They have been together for a couple of decades with two daughters who helped him pick up the name for one of his shows; Hal Cruttenden Chubster.

Meanwhile, both Abigail and her brother were raised by their late mother Julia Cruttenden who unfortunately died early at the age of 74 in 2013. Mrs. Cruttenden was diagnosed with a brain tumor called Glioblastoma Multiforme, one of the most serious and aggressive kinds of cancer, in January 2012.

Check out the clip of Abigail Cruttenden's portrayal!

And, in honor of her late mom and to raise awareness and charity for the Brain Tumour Charity, one of the largest brain cancer research institutes known globally, Hal announced that he would be walking 100 kilometers in the Sahara Desert in February 2021.

Julia Cruttenden who inspired her children to follow in the footsteps of the entertainment industry was a makeup artist who operated the prestigious makeup institute, Greasepaint Makeup School in London. She was survived by her husband, children, and four grandchildren.

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