Home Article After divorcing wife Ife Sanchez, Is Aaron Sanchez dating anyone? Or single?

After divorcing wife Ife Sanchez, Is Aaron Sanchez dating anyone? Or single?

Updated On 24 Sep, 2019 Published On 23 Nov, 2016
After divorcing wife Ife Sanchez, Is Aaron Sanchez dating anyone? Or single?

Award-winning chef Aaron Sanchez, a popular television personality, and a celebrity chef, has left the media curious about his current dating status and personal life.

The handsome chef-dad who seems to be on the Food Network nearly every hour these days has not revealed anything about his relationship status

After divorcing wife Ife Sanchez, is Aaron Sanchez dating anyone? Or single? Let us find out the mysterious personal affairs of Aaron in today's section!!!!

Aaron Sanchez Ife Mora's failed Married life

Aaron, who is the executive chef and part-owner of Johnny Sánchez with locations in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Baltimore, Maryland, was married to singer/performer/songwriter Ife Sanchez Mora, a Detroit native. 

They officially tied the knot in 2009. Sources claimed that they met at a dinner party of a common friend and later, they discovered that they lived only four doors away from each other in the same building.

Sanchez told the sources that he was blown away by her singing talents whereas Mora was highly impressed by his cooking skills. 

It seems both have their own fetish for each other that made this couple to go crazy for each other.

During their wedding, Aaron made quite an out of the blue decision. He wanted the wedding to be a potluck!!. 

So, he invited 15 of his closest friends, each one a chef (including Amanda Freitag and Chris Cosentino), and asked them to bring the dish of their choice.

However, after more than two years of a happy marriage, this perfect couple decided to part ways and divorced in 2012 due to personal differences and misunderstandings. 

There were not any gossips about them having extra-marital affairs, so it can be said that the couple split with mutual understanding.


The celebrity chef's now ex-wife is dating guy named #drterencekeel on Instagram. She's been in an intimate relationship with her latest partner since April 2017. Ife and Terence are united as a lovers for over three years now and waiting for right time to walk don the aisle.

Even though Mora has moved on with the love of her life the culinary artist remained single following their split. Aaron lives a sound life with his son Yuma in Texas, United States.

Aaron Sanchez Children

Aaron and Ife Sanchez gave birth to a son, who is now almost 7-year-old named Yuma and a stepdaughter Sofia Piana, from Ife's previous marriage. 

Father and son duo!!!!!


My son with a gift from his abuela. What’s one of your favorite gifts from a family member? #lafamiliaprimero #MexiCAN

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#TBT to when Papi Pequeño was just a wee lad. What's your favorite memory with your kids or young family members?

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Although the couple has split up, they have managed very well in taking care of their children together.

Meet Aaron's Ex-Wife Ife Sanchez Here

Detroit native Ife Sanchez Mora is the daughter of an African-American mother, Teresa Mora and Mexican father, Francisco Mora, who were prominent Detroit musicians. 

Ife's youth was spent with countless encounters and jamming with some beloved jazz figures like Sun Ra and Miles Davis. 

The rising singer/songwriter in the music industry has released her new album recently Fire Inside Me which is based on the artist's real-life relationship with her ex-husband. 

She also told the sources that the songs in her album reflect the journey of a woman finding herself through painful times.

It seems Mora is still struggling to get over her incomplete relationship with her ex Aaron Sanchez.

Let's hope that both the couple finds out ways to move ahead in their lives without creating any problem in raising their children together. Following the divorce, the player remained single.

Quick Facts about Aaron Sanchez

  • Born in 1976, in EI Paso, Texas to Adolfo Sanchez and Zarela Martinez.
  • Also, has a twin brother named Rodrigo who is an attorney in New York City.
  • Aaron Sanchez is a chef and co-owner of "Centrico" based in NYC.
  • Sanchez has been a dear friend of Michael Symons for over fifteen years.
  • Aaron Sanchez widely respects Paul Prudhomme.
  • Sanchez created the latest menu for the "House of Blues".
  • Aaron Sanchez has partnered in a famous tattoo shop Daredevil Tattoo. 
  • Was interested in cooking since a young age and learned a lot from his mother.
  • Graduated from The Dwight School in the year 1994 and started working full-time for Prudhomme.
  • Worked as a chef in several restaurants including L-Ray, Isla, Rose Pistola and so on.
  • Later he joined Paladar in 2000 and the restaurant was awarded "Time Out New York"s Best New Lower East Side Restaurant the same year.
  • Opened his own restaurant in August 2014 along with chef John Besh named Taqueria Jonny Sanchez in Baltimore.
  • Opened its second branch in New Orleans in October 2014.
  • Has also appeared in several Television shows including MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Taco Trip and so on.
  • Married longtime girlfriend Ife Sanchez Mora in 2009 but later on divorced in 2012: The Couple has a son together.
  • As of 2017, there are no rumors of him dating or having any girlfriend. Seems like he is too busy focusing on his career and family.
  • His favorite recipes include Roasted Italian Meatballs, Grilled Tomahawk Chop, Tagliatelle with mushrooms. Bruschetta with Goat Cheese and Capocollo and many more.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million
  • His height is 6 feet 4 inches.


Well, he is a very handsome and hardworking person and he might find someone very soon who will always love and supports him.

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