Home Article Chef Aaron Sanchez is currently single: Divorced wife Ife Sanchez Mora in 2012: Has a son together

Chef Aaron Sanchez is currently single: Divorced wife Ife Sanchez Mora in 2012: Has a son together

Updated On 03 Mar, 2019 Published On 10 Feb, 2017
Chef Aaron Sanchez is currently single: Divorced wife Ife Sanchez Mora in 2012: Has a son together

Chef Aaron Sanchez is now possibly single after getting a divorce with his wife 'Ife Sanchez Mora' in 2012.

A popular television personality ‘Aaron Sanchez’ is a celebrity chef. He earned million of fans from all over the world through his cooking talent and charismatic personality.

However, today let us not discuss in his professional life but let us take a look at his personal life including his personal relationships. 

Current relationship status of Chef Aaron Sanchez   

After having a divorce in 2012, he seems to keep focusing on his career rather than making relationships. As of now, he's relationship status is single and is enjoying his own company.

He is a very handsome and hardworking person and he might find someone very soon who will always love and supports him.

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Aaron Sanchez and Ife Sanchez Mora's Wedding

The duo first met at a dinner party of a common friend and later, they discovered that they lived only four doors away in the same building.

They exchanged vows in 2009. Sources claimed that they got married in a private ceremony in front of their few friends and relatives.

They both are fond of their talents and that might be the reason of their love interest.  As they mentioned, Aaron was blown by her (Ife Sanchez) singing talent whereas Mora was highly impressed with his cooking.

Aarón Sanchez's Divorce

Happiness and sadness are part of life. After more than two years of marital life, this perfect couple decided to part ways and got divorced in 2012 due to personal differences and misunderstandings. 

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There were not any gossips about them having an extra-marital affair, so it can be said that the couple split with mutual understanding.

Aarón Sanchez's Children

During the 3 years of marital relation, the duo was blessed with a son named 'Yuma' who is now 7-years-old.


Me and papi pequeno on our way for vacay doing a little bluesteel at the airport #laraza

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Ife's had a daughter with her previous marriage named as 'Sofia Piana'.

Short Brief of Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez is an award-winning chef and famous television personality. He is well known for his Food Network’s series, ‘Chopped’.

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After graduating from ‘The Dwight School’ in 1994, he began to work full time for Prudhomme in New Orleans. He started working in the professional kitchen since the age of 16.

He is passionate about cooking food.


Honored to be joining @lena_georgas for the @ypiusa Gala on Oct. 6 in LA. Link to tickets in bio.

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Later, he opened a restaurant in New York City. He serves as a Chef Ambassador for "Why Hunger," a moment to end poverty and hunger.

No wonder he has an amazing net worth of $4 million dollars. 

These days he is single. Till now there is no record of his extra affairs. 

We wish Aaron a very happy and successful career. He may soon get his lady love.

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