Home Article After divorcing husband Bev Land reporter Sharon Leal is now dating Paul Becker: Couple might get married soon

After divorcing husband Bev Land reporter Sharon Leal is now dating Paul Becker: Couple might get married soon

Updated On 07 Apr, 2023 Published On 17 Mar, 2017
After divorcing husband Bev Land reporter Sharon Leal is now dating Paul Becker: Couple might get married soon

Sharon Leal is an American actress who is best known for her role in CBS's action adventure Supergirl. She was married to Bev Lund but later divorced. Currently, in a relationship with her boyfriend Paul Becker.

Many of you must be happy as Sharon Leal is cast as one of the lead characters in the upcoming CBS drama where she will play the role of Lt. Naomi Barr in the series which will air later this year.

To mark the special occasion MarriedWiki has decided to write an article regarding her personal life. We know that there are certain aspects of Sharon's life that she has tried to hide but fret not as we are going to reveal all that you want to know about her relationships and about her new boyfriend.

Sharon Leal-Relationship Status        

Sharon is currently in a relationship with Canadian director Paul Becker. The couple started dating in 2016 and they have been stuck to one another ever since. Paul is a caring boyfriend and the way he is comfortable with Sharon's stepchildren and ex-husband. 

Paul is a caring boyfriend is also comfortable around Sharon's children and ex-husband. 

Sharon Leal and Paul Becker Source: Whos Dated Who

Not many instances of relationship have come across in which the current boyfriend has very good relationship with his girlfriend's ex-husband and children and Paul is one exceptional man in that aspect.

Be it going to a dinner or going out with friends or celebrating her son's birthday, Paul is all around Sharon and the couple is currently branded as one of the cutest couples in Hollywood.

The incomplete relationship between Sharon and her ex-husband Bev Lund

Sharon was previously married to actor Bev Lund aka John Beverly in 2001 after 4-years of relationship with one another.

At the time of her marriage, Sharon was already pregnant and on September 13, 2001, she gave birth to their son Kai Miles Lund.

Sharon and her ex-husband Bev Lund Source: Taddlr

Their blissful marriage came to an abrupt end when the couple filed for a divorce in 2007 due to irreconcilable differences.

It was a tragic ending to a blissful marriage but one cannot stop what's written in our fate.

Sharon Leal During an Interview, Source: Celebrity Net Worth

After their divorce, the couple decided to take care of their only son together and they are taking very good care of their child.

He is now a grown-up teenager and is usually spotted with his mother and her boyfriend.

Sharon with her son Kai

It looks like Sharon and her boyfriend have not been engaged just yet as there is no ring on her finger.

Maybe she is taking her time in this relationship and on top of that she has a lot of work to do now.

She is also playing the role of Miss Martian in the TV series Supergirl.

She has also worked in many big Hollywood films like Why Did I Get Married, 1982, Freedom, and Addicted

She has worked with actors like Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, and Janet Jackson, and due to her illustrious career she is earning around 2.5 million dollars but maybe that's a Tip of the iceberg and maybe she is earning more than that.

Sharon Leal-Plays the role of Miss Martian Source: Comix Cavern

Well, be that as may, we still believe that she will reach the level that she has hoped for herself and we wish her all the success for that, until next time.

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