Home Article 'Academy Award' Nominee Actress Emily Watson Is in a Longtime Married Relationship with Husband Jack Waters; Shares Two Children; How Did They First Met?

'Academy Award' Nominee Actress Emily Watson Is in a Longtime Married Relationship with Husband Jack Waters; Shares Two Children; How Did They First Met?

Updated On 18 Jun, 2018 Published On 18 Jun, 2018
'Academy Award' Nominee Actress Emily Watson Is in a Longtime Married Relationship with Husband Jack Waters; Shares Two Children; How Did They First Met?

Several awards winning actress Emily Watson is married to Jack Water. Has two children. Know about her personal life.

Several Awards winning English actress which includes Oscar nomination, Emily Watson is best known for her role in the movies Breaking the Waves and Oranges and Sunshine. Losing a mother is a tragic thing for a woman in the stage when she needs her the most but looks like Emily moved on pretty great with her husband's support and is living is blissful life with her husband and children.

She is in a long-time married relationship with Jack Waters and is parenting two children. Her fans are eager to know how is she doing with her life. So we are here today to share some personal as well as professional information about the actress.

Actress Emily Watson Married With Jack Waters; Share Two Children

The famous English actress, known for the role in the blockbuster movie Breaking the Waves, Emily Anita Watson aka Emily Watson is the winner of several awards.

Looking at her love life, she is currently married to Jack Waters. The couple first met at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon and tied the knot in 1995. The pair is parenting two children, a daughter Juliet Waters who was born in 2005 and a son Dylan Waters who was born in 2009.


Emily with her husband Jack
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She has done nudity in her past but having children does change things for a lady. She said in an interview,

‘I mean I’ve been described in the Press before as a character actor who gets laid, which I think is a great description, but as the years go by you get laid less and less on screen and then you sort of stop ... And then suddenly here I am. It was pretty cool although I did have to kind of swallow a few times when I read the script.’

A pretty sad and tragic thing happened in her life when her mother was sick. She immediately returned to London in order to take care of her mother but sadly her mother passed away right after she arrived in the capital city. 


Emily with her family of four
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But thanks to the support and love of her husband she was able to move on from the death of her mother. The couple currently resides in Greenwich, London with their children and we haven't heard of any sort of controversies faced by the couple so far.

She's Not Going For Nude Scenes Anymore:

The Apple Tree Yard star Emily Watson is a woman with children. So when she was asked to perform some nudes on the show, she denied. There is a certain age to do all of it and she did it at that time but running it all again on your 50's is a little difficult task.

When she was asked to do and read the scripts, she said,

“Wow. This is a lot. Do I really want to do this?”

Seems like the actress does not want to retain the past screening material she did and just wants to act normally without any nudes included.

Emily Watson's Career:

Emily's career began at the theatres with several performances which includes working with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She made her first film debut when director Lars von Trier chose her to act in the movie Breaking the Waves which won her the Los Angeles, London and New York Critics' Circle Awards and an Oscar Nomination as well.

She then appeared in the movie Hilary and Jackie for which she again received another Oscar Nomination. She also appeared in The Luzhin Defence alongside John Turturro in 2001. The gorgeous actress received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Anne How in the movie The Life and Death of Peter Seller.


Emily has won several awards in her acting career
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She also appeared in Tim Burton's animated film Corpse Bride alongside Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. She starred in the movie Oranges and Sunshine in 2010 which portrays the story of children sent to an abusive care home in Australia which was directed by Jim Loach.

She has starred in several of the movies including several supporting roles and was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2015. 

Emily Watson: Quick Facts


Source: Kintzing
  • She was born on January 14, 1967.
  • She was born in Islington, England.
  • She graduated from the University of Bristol with an English Degree.
  • She was once rejected from the first drama school she applied.
  • She is active in British Children's charity Scene and Heard.
  • Her mother's name is Katharine Watson and father's name is Richard Watson.
  • She has a sister named Harriet Watson.
  • Her birth sign is Capricorn.
  • She stands at the height of 5 ft 8 inches and weighs about 58 kgs.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be about $10 million according to celebrity net worth.

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