Home Article American Comedian Jake Johnson's Married Life With Wife Erin Payne; Do They Share Any Child? What's Their Secret Behind Successful Marriage?

American Comedian Jake Johnson's Married Life With Wife Erin Payne; Do They Share Any Child? What's Their Secret Behind Successful Marriage?

Updated On 10 Feb, 2020 Published On 31 May, 2018
American Comedian Jake Johnson's Married Life With Wife Erin Payne; Do They Share Any Child? What's Their Secret Behind Successful Marriage?

Jake Johnson is a well-known personality to the outside world, but unfortunately, he spills very little information about his personal life. However, not everybody is obliged to open up stuff about their private matters just because they're a celeb personality. You certainly can't blame Johnson in this regard.

Jake is married to his wife Erin Payne. Although the information is not in abundance about the actor's personal life, we have collected everything that's known so far. If you are among the interested, you arrived at the right place. Let's get to it.


Are Jake John and Erin Payne still Together? Do They Have Any Child?

Jake John, a 41-year-old actor and spouse Erin Payne are still together and they are living the blissful married life for thirteen years now. Most notably, to this date, neither of the party got involved in an extramarital affair or sought a divorce.

The New Girl star manages to keep his personal life mysterious despite being a loving husband and a blessed father. Jake rarely talks about a child though he's often spotted holding a baby girl on his hands. Back then in the mid-2010s, Erin hints she is going to be baby mama writing, Jake gonna explode my ovaries.

Jake Johnson's Married Life With His Wife Erin Payne

Jake is married to his wife Erin Payne since 2006. It is not yet clear how long they have dated and when they met. As per Jake's admissions, the lovebirds romanced a while before his foray into the Hollywood industry and prior to his movie career kicked off. 

The couple is blessed with two lovely kids, Dan Johnson and Rachel Johnson. Some reports claim they are twins born in 2014. Currently, the family of four is living blissfully and resides in Los Angeles. Speaking of Jake's recent activities, he is busy with recent movies, "Stumptown" portraying the character of Grey McConnell. 

There is very little information on how the couple got together as Jake prefers not to spill much about his personal life.

Jake Johnson with his wife Erin Payne.
Source: Tumblr

Jake's wife is a painter who won the New American Paintings Reader's Choice in 2012. One of the rare occasions the actor went to Twitter to congratulate his impressive partner.

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The duo prefers to keep their personal life extremely private. However, the common consensus is they're glad to be together and are living a happily married life. One of the rare occasions speaking to the media about his private life, Jake revealed:

"I love my wife. Hopefully, I never get divorced."

He further added in a slightly joking manner, if he ever got divorced it would be funny as he intends to make a reality show about it which will be called 'Strike Three'. For people wondering what the three strikes are, he claimed they will need to watch the show.

Jake Johnson with Erin Payne at their home.
Source: Tumblr

Furthermore, Jack revealed when the couple first began dating, Hollywood wasn't exactly banging his door. He claimed he just had $400 to his name and a disgusting mustache, subtly implying he might have found his soulmate who accepted him while he had no fame and very little money.

There appears to be no issue of separation between this beautiful couple. Apparently, mutual trust and understanding is the key ingredient of their successful relationship. Since they've been together for well over a decade, it can be easily decoded they are loyal towards each other.

Talking about his romantic scene with Megan Fox in New Girl's season 7, Johnson mentioned that his wife is the least jealous person in the world.

'My wife is the least jealous person in the world. I know actors say this, and if you're not an actor you kind of roll your eyes, but set kissing, it's not sexy. I'd get on Twitter and people would be like, "You lucky bastard." And I'm like, if you were there, you'd know it's just technical. I'm there kissing her, and then we cut and I'm like, "Did I block her light?"'

Well, when there is full love, trust, and support in family life, the relationship, for sure, sustains for a long time duration.

Jake Johnson On The Secret Of A Long Lasting Relationship

It's not often Jake talks about his family to the media. In one of the interviews with Glamour, he was asked how long he had been married to his wife, to which he replied 'A while'.

When the interviewer insisted to know how long a while is, he responded with 'My business is personal!' It just goes to show how private he prefers to keep things about his wife and his family.

Jake Johnson as Nick Miller in New Girl.
Source: Zimbio

Later in the same interview, he was asked what comes first - the right timing or the right girl. This brought a more elaborate answer from the actor. He went on record to say the right girl comes first.

For instance, you might meet the right girl at the wrong time and it gets screwed up or she has to be the most understanding woman in the world because there are bound to be a lot of bumps.

Moreover, it could be the right time for the guy and not the girl and if one tries to control that, things are bound to go pear-shaped. Jake insists both people have to be ready and willing - that's the key.

Perhaps he was implying his own relationship with his wife where both partners were ready and willing to commit resulting in a fruitful marriage. 

Jake Johnson: Quick Facts

  • He was born on 28th May 1978 in Evanston Illinois.
  • His birth sign is Gemini.
  • His parents are Eve Johnson and Ken Weinberger.
  • His father worked at a car dealership while his mother was an artist.
  • His name originated from his maternal uncle Mark Johnson.
  • He has a brother and a sister named Dan Johnson and Rachel Johnson, respectively.
  • His parents were separated when he was just 2 years old.
  • He along with his siblings were raised by a single mother.
  • His height is 5 feet 9 inches.
  • He went to New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.
  • He did his post-secondary education from the University of Iowa.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $8 million.

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