Home Article American Music Personality Anthony Fantano's Married Relationship With Wife Bominique Bosley; His Affair And Rumors

American Music Personality Anthony Fantano's Married Relationship With Wife Bominique Bosley; His Affair And Rumors

Updated On 13 Jan, 2020 Published On 02 Jan, 2019
American Music Personality Anthony Fantano's Married Relationship With Wife Bominique Bosley; His Affair And Rumors

Everyone is desperate to be perfect and have a desire to get fame through his passion or his talents. Rather, when it comes to personal life some people like to keep it normal regardless of their huge success in professional life.

Similar is the case of the internet-based music critic, and video producer, Anthony Fantano who timely creates trending videos on YouTube.

Best known for creating, ‘The Needle Drop’, a music-related video vlog, Anthony however many of his admirers are still in confusion whether he already married or he is still single. Know more about his current relationship and affairs. Stick with us!


Anthony Fantano's Married Life with Dominique Boxley

Anthony Fantano is married to Dominique Boxley, as it has been reported. The music critic currently resides in Middletown, Connecticut with his spouse.

The 34-year-old cartoonist as well as music critic, Anthony Fantano is a fun-loving person. He tends to make people laugh with the help of his infotainment contents. In addition, Boxley's beau's socials are showered with memes. 

Fantano rarely gushes about his beloved partner in front of media and socials cause he has always been aware of fake controversies created by the public. Most recently, he is busy working on the project, "How to Get a 10/10 on the Needle Drop". 

Fantano and his partner are married for over a year now. Boxley is an African-American woman who concurrently appears on Anthony's YouTube videos. She shares her favorite songs with the audience through Fantanao's YouTube channel.

Regardless of all, the internet busiest music nerd himself tweeted about his love life however hasn’t clarified who she really is! We believe, some of the other days, Anthony will surely reveal how they met and their dating history in detail.


Anthony Fantano and his known to be wife!

He has not shown a keen interest in love life previously assuming that he doesn’t have a spouse or any children yet, nevertheless, it is surprising to know that he is married after his tweet this July where he might have given a clue to his whopping fans about his marital relationship.

My wife loves this album as much as me.

Lord, I knew I married the right one!!!!! pic.twitter.com/z1RRcBviqB

— LISThony WEEKtano (@theneedledrop) July 26, 2018

During his teenage years when he was as quite fat, Fantano used to be crucially mocked and bullied at by his mates. Maybe it shall be the reason, he might be still shy to share about his wife regardless of his enormous fanfare.

Anthony, is quite confidential when it comes to his personal life but the internet star hasn’t publicized his private marital status to the media & fans, rather he surely seems to be focused more on enhancing his career as of now.

Anthony Fantano Career As Critic

Fantano began his profession in the mid-2000s as a music director for the Southern Connecticut State University school radio station.

He expressed,

"I've constantly adored music, however working there got me turned onto a variety of styles, and made me push my preferences into various territories".

In 2007, Fantano began working at Connecticut Public Radio in which he hosted The Needle Drop. Following year, he published The Needle Drop, eventually beginning as a video reviewer in 2009.


Anthony Fantano - What's in My Bag?

At the time, he was taking a shot at The Needle Drop and additionally at a pizza eatery. In late 2011, he chose to work at The Needle Drop full-time.






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Via @kanye_memes

A post shared by Anthony Fantano (@afantano) on Dec 24, 2018, at 11:38 am PST

Anthony has parodied several songs that have been hugely popular amongst the audiences. The rating system of his reviews is on a scale of 0 to 10.

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Fantano was interviewed at SXSW in 2011 about the rise of music vlogging, alongside Matt Galloway of The Rock It Out! blog and Michael Roffman, president, and editor-in-chief of Consequence of Sound.

He was the winner of the September 2011’s contest named On The Rise and Fantano also won Beyond the Blog Award at the MTV O Music Awards.

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As of 2019, his channel has 1.7 million+ subscribers along with over 417 million views. 

Some interesting facts of Anthony Fantano

  • Anthony Fantano is a YouTuber famous for the channel "The Needle Drop"
  • Fantano describes himself as the Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd.
  • Anthony began working for Connecticut Public Radio in 2011.
  • He is a vegan since the age of 19 and is of French, Canadian, and Sicilian ancestry.
  • His estimated net worth is $173k
  • Anthony identifies himself as an atheist.
  •  Anthony is an anti-war social democrat in line and a supporter of Bernie Sanders.
  • Fantano supports raising the minimum income to $15 an hour as a living wage and single-payer healthcare.

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