Home Article American Voice Actor Geoff Ramsey Recently Divorced Ex-Wife Griffon Ramsey; Dating Someone New And Special?

American Voice Actor Geoff Ramsey Recently Divorced Ex-Wife Griffon Ramsey; Dating Someone New And Special?

Updated On 28 Jul, 2021 Published On 16 Dec, 2018
American Voice Actor Geoff Ramsey Recently Divorced Ex-Wife Griffon Ramsey; Dating Someone New And Special?

Geoffrey Lazer Ramsey aka Geoff Ramsey is an American voice actor, comedian, and internet personality who came in prominence after he voiced the character of Dexter Griff for Rooster Teeth’s sci-fi comedy machine series Red vs Blue.

Geoff is also an icon among online gamers for his role in military fictitious gaming realms like Halo and Call of Duty. But Geoff recently made headlines not on the topic of his achievements in voice-over but rather on his personal life following his divorce in a decade-long marriage. So, what led to such wreckage in his committed life, was there any scandal involved. Let’s know in detail!


Geoff Ramsey Dating Emily Hatfield

Geof Ramsey, an independent filmmaker from Oregon who currently runs an art workshop "The Fort" is dating a lady, Emily Hatfield. Most notably, Emily also has a similar kind of tattoo that her lover has on his chest.

Geoff Ramsey and girlfriend Emily Hatfield, pictured together romantically. SOURCE: Instagram (emilyhatfield)

Hatfield started to feature on Geof's socials from July 27, 2019. Since then, the duo never misses flaunting their chemistry in public places, beaches, PDAs, events, etc. Ramsey's socials are filled with pictures of his present girlfriend, Emily. 

On January 3, 2020, the Vicious Circle star visited Isla Mujeres, the beautiful Mexican island with his sweetheart. They had cozy pictures photographed together. The actor and his blonde beauty welcomed New Year 2020 in a special way.

Are Geoff and Emily getting married? As of July 2021, Ramsey is yet to pop the question to his amazing partner who has given him the best few recent years of his life. Needless to mention, Ramsey is waiting for the right time to ask for Emily's hand in marriage.

And, when Ramsey and Hatfield do end up getting engaged and married, they will definitely let their fans know the happy news. However, in the meantime, Ramsey and Hatfield are happy to be dating without the need of being legally together.

Geoff Ramsey Have Good Bond with Ex-Wife Griffon

The Red vs. Blue star announced he divorced in a video episode of Let's Play Minecraft via YouTube in April 2018. He also stated, they chose separate paths due to different interests/passions/ hobbies and lifestyles which pushed them to separate directions.

Even after the divorce with ex-wife Giffron, they will remain friends on good terms and will continue to raise their baby girl Millie. The estranged couple also promised to collaborate on many other projects as well. What's more?

Geoff hasn't yet removed the pictures of his former spouse from his Instagram. The Alabama, U.S.-born actor has a strong bond with his daughter Millicent Ramsey. He and Milli often go out for holidays.

Who Was Geoff Ramsey's Wife? Why Did They Split Up? Are They Really Done? Do They Have Children?

Geoff Ramsey's career was at its peak when he produced his biggest gig Red vs Blue in 2003. The only thing missing was someone with whom Geoff could finally settle. Fifteen years fast forward, Geoff seemed to have got the love of his life when he remained married to a single lady for more than a decade.

Geoff Ramsey (left) with Griffon Ramsey(right).
Source: Brit.co

Geoff married an American chainsaw artist, Griffon Ramsey in June 2005 with whom he went on to have a daughter, Millicent Ramsey.

Geoff with daughter Millicent.
Source: Jojo Blue

Being together for more than a decade, the duo looked like the match made in heaven. But the disaster dropped in their relationship when they decide to split up in 2017.

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Many of their fans thought it was just a hoax and for a while and weren’t quite ready to believe their marriage could be falling apart but in April 2018, Ramsey put the hammer blow when he confirmed that the divorce was finalized. Griffon also later reconfirmed their separation via her twitter stating the parting act was rather ‘amicable’.

Unlike most cases of post-divorce relationship, the current relationship between Geoff and Griffon looks quite good for both parties or so as it seems. This can be seen as both the father and mother frequently get together in the name of their daughter Millicent and their other collaborative projects.

Here's a YouTube video where Ramsey is pouring his grief being so sad and helpless because of his relationship failure!

The trio of dad, mom, and their little girl once became much to talk about when the video of them playing Minecraft gained most views on the game kids channel. Also, Geoff's little girl Millie has already proved herself a rising star as her videos of playing games has become quite viral among children and big audiences alike.

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Geoff rose to fame in 2003 after his series Red vs Blue became an internet impression where he gave the voice for the character of Dexter griff. 15 yrs on, Red vs Blue is the longest-running episodic web series and has won four awards from Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences.

Geoff Ramsey in a shot.

Ramsey’s other notable work includes Achievement Hunter(2008) centered largely on video games which provides humorous commentary on clips of video gamers online plays, The Strangehood(2004-2006), playing himself in the characterized version in Captain Dynamic(2008) and Rooster Teeth Shorts ( 2009-present), playing a ‘lab rat’ in Immersion(2010) and voicing the Co-pirate, the primary antagonist in the first season of the animated series X-ray and Vav(2014).

Interesting Facts of Geoff Ramsey

Source: Rooster Teeth

  • Geoff was born on June 19, 1975, in Mobile, Alabama.
  • Geoff stands at 1.78m in height.
  • Geoff was once a semi-pro bowler in his teenage years.
  • Geoff was enlisted in the US army before graduating high school.
  • Geoff studied journalism at Fort Benjamin Harrison.
  • Geoff's estimated net worth is around $3 million.

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