Home Article American Youtuber DeStorm Power; Know about his Affairs, dating life, and Career

American Youtuber DeStorm Power; Know about his Affairs, dating life, and Career

Updated On 06 Jul, 2017 Published On 06 Jul, 2017
American Youtuber DeStorm Power; Know about his Affairs, dating life, and Career

American Youtuber DeStorm Power;, dating fellow You TUber Janine see his affairs, career, has one son from previous relationship.

If your single day doesn't go by watching YouTube then, you must surely know one of the prominent YouTuber who has more than 2 millions subscribers. 

Yes, guys, we're talking about the famed YouTuber, musician, viner, and comedian, DeStorm Power! He's been the famous internet personality for a long time. His hilarious musical series, epic stories and drama related to life always leave the fans hooked.

But today we're here to know all the secret details about this rising star so without wasting any time let's find out everything!

DeStorm Power completely in love with his fellow YouTube star Janina

YouTube sensational stars, DeStorm and Janina started off their relationship as co-stars, playing in their YouTube videos.

DeStorm Power with his girlfriend Janine, Source: Facebook

All of their fans speculated that they might be possibly dating but neither of them confessed their secret relationship.

However, after watching their many videos like Touch My Body Challenge and cute vine compilations, where both looked pretty much like a couple, fans confirmed that they are a couple.

DeStorm Power and girlfriend Janine, Source: YouTube

DeStorm too confirmed the pair's relationship and now they are officially dating. They go on events and parties together and look really happy together. 


MTV Awards!

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We are eagerly waiting for the pair to walk down the aisle and make it official! Fingers crossed!XXXX

Power has one son from his previous girlfriend

Prior dating Janina, YouTube Music Awards for Innovation of the Year winner Power had a girlfriend and together they have a son named Tayvion Power.

The happy family lived together in Los Angeles until in 2008, when DeStorm's girlfriend died of stomach cancer.

DeStorm Power with his son Tayvion Power in a YouTube, Source: YouTube

And now, Tayvion too has followed the footsteps of his father and has become a popular child YouTuber and Vine star with more than 1 million subscribers. 

 Quick facts about Destorm Power

  • Born and raised in Arlington County, Virginia, Destorm Power is famous American YouTuber, musician, viner, and comedian.
  • He lived in Baltimore and has seven other siblings.
  • He started off his career as an intern for Atlantic Records, Universal.
  • Later on, he used YouTube as a platform and started sharing his videos of songs and other comic musical series that particularly includes rapping and beatboxing.
  • He became popular and has even worked with popular rap artist Kanye West in Youtube Series, Epic Rap Battles of History.
  • He is now the founder of the Multi Channel Network Forefront TV.
  • Has won American Music Awards for New Media Honoree and YouTube Music Awards for Innovation of the Year.


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