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Arctic Monkey Front Man, Alex Turner Might Be Dating Someone After Splitting With Girlfriend Alexa Chung!

Updated On 22 Mar, 2018 Published On 22 Mar, 2018
Arctic Monkey Front Man, Alex Turner Might Be Dating Someone After Splitting With Girlfriend Alexa Chung!

Alexander David Turner, also known by his stage name as Alex Turner always has an unhealthy relationship with his girlfriend after they start getting serious. How did Alex hold up his life after having a bad time with his 4 years of relationship? Is he dating someone after the rough path? Let's see what we know about the artist so far!

Following his split from his ex-girlfriends Alexa Chung and Taylor Bagley with whom he'd on/off affair, the frontman of popular band Arctic Monkeys, Alexander David Turner is living under the radar. Is he dating someone after the rough split?

The singer who "refuses to give too much importance to awards" might release his new album this year. Do You Really Wanna Know what the star is up to these days? If you do, keep reading below!

Arctic Monkey's Front Man, Alex Dating Someone or Single?

There are no rumors about Alex having a girlfriend currently as he broke up with his model girlfriend Taylor Bagley.

As for now, we haven't heard much from the frontman Alex. The last album, AM out by the Arctic Monkeys was in 2013 and the band announced hiatus following the AM tour in 2014. Fans speculated that because of Alex's unstable relationship, he decided to take a break from the singing tour but we guess it's not true! But who knows?


Alex Turner is possibly single
Source: QMagazine

After more than three years of hiatus, the band is releasing their sixth studio album soon the new album and the recording has begun since September 2017. It has been reported that the album will release in May 2018.

Alex Turner's Past Affairs

The popular singer dated a model girl, Taylor Bagley back in days. They started dating in 2015 but due to their personal differences, the broke up in 2017.


Alex Turner and Taylor Bagley at a party
Source: GlamourUK

Alex was serious about Taylor as he claimed that he saw future with her, not like he was going to marry her straight but he had not been in such a great relationship before. But their relationship did not go well any further and eventually they broke up.

Before Taylor, he dated American actress Arielle Vandenberg in 2011. She also did a cameo in Arctic Monkeys' music video song "R U Mine". The couple dated for 3 years and separated in 2014.


Alex Turner and Arielle Vandenberg Screening together
Source: NME

The singer before that had a serious affair with British model and fashion designer Alexa Chung. The couple brought an amicable end to their 4-year long relationship. As The Arctic Monkeys were rising to fame Alexa was also rising as the famous MTV host show.

Being friends, they were even photographed on several occasions. The two were at the iTunes show at London, both performed together at the stage but were not seen together off-stage and upon asking, about their secret relationship, they said,

"Relationship is over, we're just friends."


Alex Turner and Alexa Chung spotted together after the breakup
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Following their breakup, both are happy with their lives and are focused on their career. However, his list of relationships does not end here.

Have you heard about the songwriter Johanna Bennett? She co-wrote the song "Fluorescent Adolescent". Gossipmongers stated that Alex had a 2-year long relation with Johanna from 2005-2007.


Alex Turner and Johanna Bennett together at The Brit Awards
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As of now, he's single and focusing on dropping his next big album!

Alex Turner's Life, His Career: How it all Started?

In 2002, Turner, Cook, Helders and Nicholson decided to form an English Indie-Rock band Arctic Monkeys. The name Arctic Monkeys was conceived by Cook. The band used to practice in the garage. Their first gig was in 2003, supporting The Sound at a local pub called The Grapes.

In 2006, Arctic Monkeys released their first album, " Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" which became the fastest selling debut album in British music history. Their second album was released after a year.


Arctic Monkeys' on Red Carpet By GQ Magazine
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They also recorded with different artists like Miles Kane, James Ford, and Owen Pallett. Since then Arctic Monkeys has been pretty great with their work in the music industry.

Alex Turner: Quick Facts


 Source: WallsCover
  • He was born on January 6, 1986 (age: 32)
  • His birth name is Alexander David Turner.
  • He was born in High Green, Sheffield, England.
  • He is English by nationality.
  • He attended Stockbridge High School, Sheffield.
  • He stands at the height of 5ft 11 inch and is 71kg in weight.
  • His Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • He is the manager of Wildlife Entertainment, Ltd.
  • He has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2018.

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