Home Article Bess Katramados Is Living Happily With Her Husband Big Show; Do They Have Children? Know About Their Married Life

Bess Katramados Is Living Happily With Her Husband Big Show; Do They Have Children? Know About Their Married Life

Updated On 28 Apr, 2020 Published On 27 Nov, 2018
Bess Katramados Is Living Happily With Her Husband Big Show; Do They Have Children? Know About Their Married Life

The professional wrestler the big show is apparently married to Bess Katramados. He is spending his happily married life with his three kids in Miami.

An American professional wrestler and actor, Paul Donald Wight II, better known by the ring name Big Show is a professional wrestler and actor. The seven times heavyweight champion is currently married to Bess Katramados who is also an avid fan of wrestling.

The duo has been avoiding publicity since their marriage. Thus, their married life status is often questioned. So here we are today to discuss the big show's married life.

Big Show's Married Life with Bess Katramados; Do They Have Children?

Big show and Bess met while he was separated from his wife Melissa Ann Piavis. They began dating throughout the last months of marriage with his first wife. On 11th February of 2002, they got married right after few days of finalizing his divorce with his first wife Melissa. Since then, the couple has been in love with each other.

Big show with his wife Bess Katramados 

In 2013, the rumor of their separation had spread, but the misunderstanding was cleared up soon.  Since then Bess is spotted at nearly every one of his match. She has shown unconditional support for his career.

Bess was an avid WWE fan, which caused her to be eventually noticed and become enticed by her then future husband Big show. Before meeting Big Show, Bess was an upcoming model with prospects for her own career.

After tying knots with Big show Bess put an end to her modeling career and took a position as his trainer, promoter, and homemaker. She currently supports her husband in workouts and is a full-time mother to their children.

Big show with his three kids.

The former model Bess Katramados has been working as a trainer and fitness expert to her husband. Her presence brought Big Show's life with immense love, care, and unconditional support. Even after 15 years of being together Paul and Bess have maintained a very low key profile. They have succeeded in keeping the details of their children a secret.

 Big show and Bess have two children of their own. But Show also has a daughter Cierra Wight from his first wife Melissa. As show had partial custody of her Bess helped him raise her too.


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Big show has had a fair share of challenges in life. Throughout his rough times, Bess was always by his side. She was his caretaker while he was recovering from hip injury and took care of him for countless hours.

Bess has held her husband’s health in the highest regard throughout the years. She is Big Show’s main source of motivation and he is lucky indeed to have her as his wife.

The big show is known for putting his career above the rest. It helped him conquer the wrestling world. Unfortunately, his career driven personality pushed his first wife away. However, his married life with Bess is undoubtedly going smooth. Unlike Melissa, Bess has found ways to adjust with his career-driven approach to life. As a result of her flexibility, their bond has endured becoming more stronger with the passing years.

The couple with their children is living a happy life in Miami, Florida.

Big Show's Past Relationship and Married Life with Melissa Piavis

During 1995, when he signed the contract with WCW, he was dating his then future wife Melissa Ann Piavis. Paul was still to be the Big show when he was seeing Melissa.

Big show and his ex-wife Melissa Ann Piavis

They got married on Valentines Day of 1997. Their marriage blessed them with a beautiful daughter Cierra Wight.

 In 1999, on their second wedding anniversary, Paul debuted in the WWF at the St Valentine's Day Massacre. Wight's priority wasn't to be at home with his wife on their wedding anniversary, instead, he chose to appear on the ring. 

Big Show went on to win the WWF title in late 1999, starting the year 2000 as Champion. His priority to career over being a good husband and dad cost him his marriage with Melissa. On 5th February 2002, the couple finalized their divorce and parted their ways.

Big Show: Quick Facts


  • His real name is Paul Donald Wight II
  • He was born on February 8, 1972
  • He is a seven-time world champion
  •  He is the only man to have held all four of these particular titles WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the WWF/WWE Championship, WWE's World Heavyweight Championship, and the ECW World Heavyweight Championship 
  • He stands at the stunning height of 7ft
  • He weighs 383 lb (174 kg)
  • His estimated net worth is $20 million.

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