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Facts Of Rachel Braun You Didn't Know Other Than Being Don Diamont's Ex Wife

Updated On 06 Dec, 2023 Published On 25 Jul, 2020
Facts Of Rachel Braun You Didn't Know Other Than Being Don Diamont's Ex Wife

Rachel Braun is an independent businesswoman in her own right who rose to prominence for her marriage to Don Diamont. But, what else do you know about her?

Rachel Braun Married Don Diamont In 1994

Rachel Braun made headlines when her name was romantically linked to actor Don Diamont when they began dating in the early nineties. Then, certain of their faith in the relationship, Rachel and Don decided to get married in an intimate wedding in 1994.

Muhammad Ali on the wedding of Rachel Braun and Don Diamont. SOURCE: Instagram (Rachel_Marie)

And, to delight their star-studded wedding, the late iconic boxer Muhammad Ali also added spark to their big day. And, a year after their wedding, Rachel and her then-husband welcomed their first son, Alexander Diamont in 1995. Alexander also known as Zander was a college footballer known as a former Indiana quarterback.

Their second child, also a son named Luca Diamont, blessed Braun and Diamont's world in 2005. After the birth of two sons, the couple went on to welcome two more sons Sasha Diamont and Lauren Diamont

Sadly, a couple of years later, Rachel and Don legally separated and divorced. But, Rachel and The Bold and the Beautiful actor, co-parent their children together.

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Since their split, Diamont then got married to his partner, and current wife, Cindy Ambuehl with whom the actor shares two more children, namely Anton Diamont and Davis Diamont. What's more, he also has one more son Anton Diamont. In total,

The Bold and the Beautiful star is a proud father of seven sons, and he expressed his immense pride in them through his 2018 memoir, titled "My Seven Sons and How We Raised Each Other."

In a heartwarming update in August 2023, the actor shared joyful news on his Instagram, announcing that he is soon to become a grandfather, courtesy of his son Alexander and daughter-in-law Audrey.

Baun Is A Mother To Two More Kids

Rachel Braun is also a mother to two more children she shares with a former partner before she met and married Don Diamont. Although the identity of Rachel's former partner is a mystery, he is the biological father of Lauren Braun (1988) and Sasha Braun (1991).

Chef Rachel Marie and all her children. SOURCE: Instagram (Rachel_Marie)

Lauren and Sasha, however, took the last name of Diamont after their mother married him. Lauren's former husband has been residing in South Africa with his new spouse with whom he shares two children Aidan Braun and Camryn Braun.

And, according to Rachel's Instagram (rachel_marie_), she shares a close and positive bond with Aidan and Camryn. Lauren & Sasha also often pay a visit to South Africa to meet their father.

Rachel Braun and her current boyfriend, Rick Ranz. SOURCE: Instagram (Rachel_Marie)

Other than that, Rachel is a private chef based in Los Angeles where she resides with her boyfriend, a couple of dogs, and kids. Well, Rachel is dating her boyfriend Rick Ranz, who keeps a low profile.

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