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All About Caroline Camille Cruz - Daughter Of US Senator Ted Cruz & Heidi Cruz

Updated On 08 Mar, 2021 Published On 08 Mar, 2021
All About Caroline Camille Cruz - Daughter Of US Senator Ted Cruz & Heidi Cruz

Caroline Camille Cruz is renowned for being the daughter of US Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, But, Caroline gained some notoriety after the Texas storm in February 2021 when Caroline and her whole family came under scrutiny for their vacation to Mexico while the residents were struggling with the calamity and its consequences.

Caroline Camille Cruz & Family Scandal

When you're related to a public figure, especially to a politician, there is no way you are going to be excused and be excluded even from the controversial stuff that you didn't do.

Caroline Camille Cruz pictured with her family at the airport during the Texas storm. SOURCE: The New York Post 

Speaking of which, Caroline Camille Cruz, who is the daughter of the notable US Senator of Texas, Ted Cruz, was trending after the historic Texas storm that left the residents without electricity and other basic necessities for over a week.

And, what came off shocking and unbelievable was that Senator Cruz along with his family including Caroline was in Cancun Mexico enjoying a family vacation. Of course, that didn't go well for the family while the storm back home had led to many deaths.

Caroline Camille Cruz with sister family including sister Catherine Cruz. SOURCE: Pinterest

Whatsoever, hopefully, the incident taught Caroline and her family the lesson of 'with great power comes great responsibility.' But, since Caroline is too young here, it's not like one can blame her for the decision to go for a holiday at such a time.

More About Caroline Camille Cruz & Her Family

As the eldest child and the daughter of Senator Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, Caroline Camille Cruz also has a younger sister named Catherine Christiane Cruz who is two years younger than her. And, the family of four lives in Texas with their dog named Snowflake.

Caroline Camille Cruz pictured with her sister Catherine and their dog. SOURCE: Twitter

To add more, Ted and Heidi had their first child in 2008 after announcing that the couple was expecting their first child in 2007. Caroline, in addition, celebrates her birthday on 14th April which makes Aries her horoscope sign.

As for her little sister, Catherine was born two years later on 28 December 2012. And, both Caroline and Catherine have appeared together with their parents in TV interviews. In April 2016, Caroline and her sister accompanied their politician father and mom for an interview with CNN where they revealed some family secrets.

Watch the respective video below.

Also not to let it go, Caroline and her sister are of mixed race as they carry Cuban, Italian, and Irish heritage from their father's side while being Finnish, Irish, and Danish from their mother's side.

In addition to their family, notable Preacher Rafael Cruz and his wife Eleanor Darragh are the paternal grandparents of Caroline while Peter Nelson and Suzanne Nelson are their beloved maternal grandparents.

Meanwhile, Caroline's sister Catherine has already confessed at a young age that she wants to become a Senator just like her daddy in the future. But, as for Caroline, she might not have made up a career decision yet. But, what are the odds that Caroline won't follow in the footsteps of her father?

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