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How Much Does Corey Lynch Make? Know His Net Worth & Salary

Updated On 18 Oct, 2020 Published On 18 Oct, 2020
How Much Does Corey Lynch Make? Know His Net Worth & Salary

Former NFL player Corey Lynch retired from his football career years ago. And, today, he lives a life of a great retired footballer. But, throughout his career as a footballer, Lynch made enough money to sustain financially for the rest of his life. So, what is Corey Lynch's net worth?

Corey Lynch's Career In The NFL

It must have been the influence of his family and father that Corey Lynch became interested to become an athlete from an early age. It was none other than his father, Brian Lynch who left the impact on Lynch to become a footballer.

Retired NFL player, Corey Lynch. SOURCE: Watauga Democrat

As a matter of fact, Mr Lynch even trained and guided his son since he was young in order to fulfil Corey's dream. Corey and his brother Colton Lynch both learned best from their father. Interestingly, Corey's father, who also played football in his youth later became a coach.

Needless to say, Lynch played football during his school days at the Florida based Evangelical Christian School where his father still coaches football to the students. And, after graduating high school, Corey joined the Appalachian State University in 2003 where he continued to play football.

Impressively, Corey was a big help to win the college it's national championship games continuously three years in a row from 2005. And, after graduating college in 2007, Lynch was drafted by Cincinnati Bengals in 2008 where he played until 2009 before joining Tampa Bay Buccaneers in September 2009.

Then in 2012, San Diego Chargers welcomed Corey to its team to play the 2012 season. By the next year in August 2013, Corey was signed to Tennessee Titans before being drafted by Indianapolis Colts in November 2013. And, having the NCAA FCS records of holding 358 career tackles with 52 defence passes, Lynch secured a great sum of money from his football career.

Corey Lynch's Salary & Net Worth

During his two years contract deal with Indianapolis, Corey Lynch made an annual salary of $722,500 earning more than $1,445,000 throughout the years with extra incentives. And, while serving for other teams, Lynch is expected to have made no less than $1 million.

In total, Corey Lynch who also made extra income by endorsing brand products accumulated a total net worth of no less than $10 million. No wonder, Lynch relishes a great lavish and spontaneous life by travelling, fishing, and skiing.

Corey Lynch and his wife, Cissie Graham Lynch and children. SOURCE: Instagram

Corey lives in Fort Myers Florida with his family including wife, Cissie Graham Lynch and two children, Margaret Lynch and Austin Lynch. Lynch and his families are devout Christian and Republican who proudly endorses Donald Trump. In fact, his wife is one of the grandchildren of the famous Evangelist Billy Graham.

Today, following his resignation from the NFL, is also involved in social and community services. Not to mention, Lynch also finished his IFR training that he began in 2019. 

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