Home Article Dana Delany, 61, still not Married also not Dating anyone: Not ready to have a Husband: Focused on a Career

Dana Delany, 61, still not Married also not Dating anyone: Not ready to have a Husband: Focused on a Career

Updated On 31 Jul, 2017 Published On 31 Jul, 2017
Dana Delany, 61, still not Married also not Dating anyone: Not ready to have a Husband: Focused on a Career

Dana Delany a 61 years old lady is not married yet!!! Isn’t this shocking news for you guys? Okay, guys just build your curiosity we are here to rescue you already!!!

Dana Delany is not a new face to us. She is in the Hollywood industry since the late 1970s and has been entertaining us for many years.

The diva even at the age of 61, looks ravishing, however, she is still not married. What may be the reason behind this? Is she still not ready to start a family? let us find out!!!!!!!

Dana Delany, 61, still not Married also not Dating anyone: Not ready to have a Husband?

Dana who is still actively involved in her career is found not dating anyone these days, she is a single woman. She has also never been married before and still does not want to have a husband.  

As per the source, Dana is happily spending her singlehood, she told that she never wanna consider herself to be marrying.

She disclosed that she is happy in her independent life and she wanna spend her time alone.

She stated in “The Talk” that:

"People think I'm so weird. I just never really thought about marriage. I come from a divorced household, I didn't see marriage as this positive thing and it just wasn't something that I thought was going to make me happy so I didn't really look for it." 


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In the same show, she also said,

“I realized I like being alone, I really do, and it's not a strange thing. I like my alone time, I like working weird hours. If I feel like taking a nap at three o'clock, I will; if I feel like staying up all night, I will; if I feel like leaving clothes on the floor, I will."

Delany acknowledges that when it comes to children she had egocentric feelings that she is afraid because she might wanna end up grudging motherhood.

She further stated:

"Again, it (having kids) just wasn't high on my list. I admire actors that can do both, but I don't know how they do it. I like acting, I like working."

So, it's clear that Dana is still not ready to settle down and wants to make it big in her career. We wish her best wishes for her future endeavors and forthcomings.

Dana’s past affairs:

Dana has dated several men till now!!!

Dana was in a relationship Dave Holmes who is widely known as the television actor who gained national attention as the runner-up on MTV’s first Wanna Be a VJ contest in 1998.

Dana and her first boyfriend Dave Holmes together, source: All Star Pics

Though the couple was amazing together they, later on, broke up. After that, Dana she started an affair with a famous American personality John Kerry, but that relationship also did not work.

She also disclosed that she was dating Treat Williams from 1981-1984. Even after the couple broke up they were a close mate.

Treat Williams wished Dana, source: postimg

She also stayed in a relationship with James Woods in 1985 followed by John Sacret and Henry Czerny.

 Quick Facts about Dana Delany


Dana Delany, Source: Allstarpics

  • Dana Delany was born on 13th March 1956
  • She is the daughter of Mary and Jack Delany.

  • She also has a sister Corey and Brother Sean.

  • She started her career with the lead role in China beach from 1988-1991.

  • She has executed considerable voice work occasionally

  • She depicted Andrea Beaumont in an animated feature film called Batman: Mask of the Phantasm in 1993.

  • She impressed filmmakers with her voice and she was steered by filmmakers being cast as Lois Lane in Superman: The Animated Series.

  • She gain prominence in TV industry after starring in high-rated series, Desperate Housewives for three years along with co-stars Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria, James Denton, Steven Culp, Mark Moses, Brenda Strong and so on.
  • She is also an award holder of different series where she played on including Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award, and Screen Actors Guild Award.  

  • She stood in 9th rank for 100 most beautiful list in people magazine in 2011. 

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